Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Leopold III Belgium's King-16524.Leopold married Astrid Sofia-Lovisa Thyra Princess-16468 on 4 Nov 1926.

Astrid Sofia-Lovisa Thyra Princess-16468 [Parents] was born on 17 Nov 1905 in , Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. She died on 29 Aug 1935. She married Leopold III Belgium's King-16524 on 4 Nov 1926.

Carl-Gustaf Oscar-Fredrik Christian Prince-16469 [Parents] was born on 10 Jan 1911 in , Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. He married Elsa Von Rosen Baroness-16525 on 6 Jul 1937.

Elsa Von Rosen Baroness-16525.Elsa married Carl-Gustaf Oscar-Fredrik Christian Prince-16469 on 6 Jul 1937.

Gustaf V Adolf King Of Sweden-16470 [Parents] was born on 16 Jun 1858 in Drottningholm, Lovo, Stockholm, Sweden. He was christened on 12 Jul 1858. He died on 29 Oct 1950. He married Victoria Princess-16567 on 20 Sep 1881 in Karlsruhe.

Victoria Princess-16567.Victoria married Gustaf V Adolf King Of Sweden-16470 on 20 Sep 1881 in Karlsruhe.

Oscar Carl August Prince-16471 [Parents] was born on 15 Nov 1859 in Royal Palace, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. He was christened on 18 Dec 1859. He died on 4 Oct 1953. He married Ebba Henrietta Munck Af Filkila-16568.

Ebba Henrietta Munck Af Filkila-16568.Ebba married Oscar Carl August Prince-16471.

Gunnar Kjostolsen-16475 was born in 1783 in Olsbrygge, Helgen, Telemark, Norway. He married Anne Johnsdatter-16476.

Anne Johnsdatter-16476 [Parents].Anne married Gunnar Kjostolsen-16475.

They had the following children:

  M i Harald Gunnarsen-16473 was born on 3 Apr 1822.

Halvor Evensen-16499 was born in 1786 in Jontvet, Helgen, Telemark, Norway. He died in 1839. He married Aslaug Thorsdatter-16500.

Aslaug Thorsdatter-16500 [Parents] was born in Bakksas, , Telemark, Norway. She married Halvor Evensen-16499.

They had the following children:

  F i Aslaug Kristine Halvorsdatter-16474 was born on 23 Aug 1823.

John Holen Gunnarson-16543 [Parents].John married Ingri Olsdatter-16541.

Ingri Olsdatter-16541.Ingri married John Holen Gunnarson-16543.

They had the following children:

  F i Anne Johnsdatter-16476.

John Herman Hansen-16503.John married Marthe Margretha Bjornsdatter-16504.

Marthe Margretha Bjornsdatter-16504.Marthe married John Herman Hansen-16503.

They had the following children:

  F i Hanna Andrea Hansen-16483 was born on 26 Feb 1834.

Wilhelm-16533.Wilhelm married Louise Hessen-Cassel-16534.

Louise Hessen-Cassel-16534.Louise married Wilhelm-16533.

They had the following children:

  M i Christian IX King Of Denmark-16489 was born on 8 Apr 1818. He died on 29 Jan 1906.

Wilhelm Hessen-Cassel-16531.Wilhelm married Charlotte-16532.

Charlotte-16532.Charlotte married Wilhelm Hessen-Cassel-16531.

They had the following children:

  F i Louise Wilhelmina Frederikke Queen Of Denmark-16490 was born on 7 Sep 1817. She died on 29 Sep 1898.

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