Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Lorin Jay Waldron-13792.Lorin married Larue Esther Richins-13788.

Larue Esther Richins-13788 [Parents].Larue married Lorin Jay Waldron-13792.

They had the following children:

  M i Keith Richins Waldron-26771.
  F ii Deanna Waldron-26772.
  M iii Lyle Jay Waldron-26774.
  F iv Gaylene Waldron-26776.

Verness Bailey Stonebraker-13794 was born on 27 Jul 1916 in Cumberland, Lincoln, Wy. He died on 31 Aug 1950. He married Ovena Jane Richins-13789.

Ovena Jane Richins-13789 [Parents].Ovena married Verness Bailey Stonebraker-13794.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-13793.Living married Ovena Jane Richins-13789.

Ovena Jane Richins-13789 [Parents].Ovena married Living-13793.

Other marriages:
Stonebraker, Verness Bailey

Thomas R. Davis-15293.Thomas married Sarah Jane Jordan-15294.

Sarah Jane Jordan-15294.Sarah married Thomas R. Davis-15293.

They had the following children:

  F i Luena Davis-13790.

Paul Eugene Edson-13797 [Parents].Paul married Living-13799.

Living-13799.Living married Paul Eugene Edson-13797.

Earl Judd Edson-13798 [Parents].Earl married Karma Kofoed (Carma)-13800.

Karma Kofoed (Carma)-13800.Karma married Earl Judd Edson-13798.

Louis Le Roy West-13806 [Parents].Louis married Living-13810.

Living-13810.Living married Louis Le Roy West-13806.

Eldon Judd West-13807 [Parents].Eldon married Edna Marie Martin-13811.

Edna Marie Martin-13811.Edna married Eldon Judd West-13807.

Douglas Hawkeswood Gregory-13812.Douglas married Ruth West-13808.

Ruth West-13808 [Parents].Ruth married Douglas Hawkeswood Gregory-13812.

Living-13814.Living married Evelyn West-13809.

Evelyn West-13809 [Parents].Evelyn married Living-13814.

Other marriages:
Johnson, Lenard Earl (Twin)

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