Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William Rolinson-12484.William married Anne Cottrell-12439 on 25 Apr 1748.

Anne Cottrell-12439 [Parents] was born in 1724. She was christened on 11 Oct 1724 in Chapel., Eng.. She died in 1768. She was buried on 16 Jun 1768. She married William Rolinson-12484 on 25 Apr 1748.

John Cottrill-12440 [Parents] was born in 1726. He was christened on 4 Sep 1726 in Chapel., Eng.. He married Mary Barber-12485 in Jan 1751.

Mary Barber-12485.Mary married John Cottrill-12440 in Jan 1751.

David Cottrell-12442 [Parents] was born in 1731. He was christened on 24 Oct 1731 in Chapel, Eng.. He married Elizabeth Ramscott-12486 on 11 May 1755.

Elizabeth Ramscott-12486.Elizabeth married David Cottrell-12442 on 11 May 1755.

Septimus Olerenshaw-12487.Septimus married Mary Cottrell-12443 on 11 May 1758.

Mary Cottrell-12443 [Parents] was born in 1732/1733. She was christened on 11 Mar 1733 in Chapel., Eng.. She married Septimus Olerenshaw-12487 on 11 May 1758.

Thomas Alsopp-12488.Thomas married Martha Cottrell-12446 on 18 Sep 1765.

Martha Cottrell-12446 [Parents] was born in 1740. She was christened on 3 Aug 1740 in Chapel., Eng.. She married Thomas Alsopp-12488 on 18 Sep 1765.

George Siddal-12465 was born about 1664 in <Dronfield, Derbyshire, England>.

He had the following children:

  M i James Siddal-12447 was born about 1690.

George Hayes-12489.George married Dorothy Siddall-12451 on 29 Aug 1744.

Dorothy Siddall-12451 [Parents] was born about 1722. She was christened on 11 Nov 1722 in Dronfield, Eng.. She married George Hayes-12489 on 29 Aug 1744.

Edwardus Wood-12490.Edwardus married Dorothea Slade-12456 on 26 Aug 1717.

Dorothea Slade-12456 [Parents] was born about 1688. She was christened on 8 Jan 1688 in Castleton, D., Eng.. She married Edwardus Wood-12490 on 26 Aug 1717.

Peder Paulsen Berg-12468 was born in 1777. He died in 1808 in Berg, Nes, Akershus, Norge. He married Kari Paulsdatter Flakstad-13125 in 1800.

Kari Paulsdatter Flakstad-13125 was born in 1783. She died in 1839 in Vågstad, Nes, Akershus, Norge. She married Peder Paulsen Berg-12468 in 1800.

Other marriages:
Vågstad, Gulbrand Olsen

They had the following children:

  M i Even Pedersen Berg-12814 was born in 1806. He died in 1867.

Cyprian Torp Olsen-24199 [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1732 in Holand, Akershus, Norway. He married Sigri Braate Knudsdatter-23484.

Sigri Braate Knudsdatter-23484 [Parents] was born on 9 Jul 1757 in Holand, Akershus, Norway. She married Cyprian Torp Olsen-24199.

They had the following children:

  M i Ole Braate Cypriansen-23580 was born on 3 Sep 1786 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.
  M ii Knud Cypriansen-12471 was born on 13 Dec 1789 in Holand, Akershus, Norway. He died after 1865.
  M iii Soren Braate Cypriansen-12499 was born on 7 Oct 1792 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.
  F iv Marte Marie Cypriansdatter-21839 was born on 11 Dec 1796 in Holand, Akershus, Norway. She died after 1865.
  F v Inger Maria Cypriansdatter-21832 was born on 4 Nov 1798 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.

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