Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Alexius I Of Comnene Byzantine-100857.

Nathan Robert Poole-100940 was born on 25 Apr 1983. He was christened on 1 May 1983 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC.

Brent Joseph Poole-100997 was born on 11 Sep 1979 in Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama. He was christened on 4 Nov 1979 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL.

Robert I 'Le Bon' d'Artois De France-101018.

Lisa Michelle Poole-101028 was born on 12 Jun 1981 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL. She was christened on 5 Jul 1981 in Bessemer, Jefferson, AL.

Raymond Flor IV-101125 was born in 1345 in Cyprus.

John S. Comnenus-101155 was born in Of, Constantinople, , Byzantine Empire.

Wife-101171 was born about 1302 in Of, , , Palestine.

Jonathan Christopher Howard-101279 was born on 12 Oct 1972 in Charlotte Mm Hos, Charlotte, NC.

Don Juan Florencia-101577.

Blumen se cambio a Flores Traducido-101849.

Nn Flores Bastida-101908 was born about 1550 in Trujillo, Venuzuela.

Ana Gomez-102766.

Vasco de Quiroga-103260.

Prince of Galilee William Bures-103889.

Jeanne Gaurelle-103969.

Raimonde de Beirut-104021.

Pierre I Plessis Courtenay-106519 was born in Placy-sur-Armancon.

de Charity-106537.

Jean Flory-106819 was born in 1236 in Picardy, France.

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