Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Maria De Aulada-74889.

William de joigny Countof Joigny-75621 was born about 1157.

Aimar CountofAngoulefm-75622 was born about 1155 in France.

Mrs. Mrs. Robert Countess of Apulia-76044 was born in 967 in Normandy, France.

Mrs. Mrs. de Courtenay-82928 was born about 1280.

Trianos (Trojan) Bulgaria of West Bulgaria-84002.

Irene Angelina Of Byzanthium-84254.


Philip Von Swabia-84745.

Irini Dukania-85356.


Marie Von Swabia-86921.

Crystal Denise Poole-87461 was born on 13 Sep 1989 in Shelby, Cleveland, NC. She was christened on 8 Oct 1989 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC.

Isaakios Sebastokrator Of Comnene-87611.

Jean II Comnenus Of Constantinople Byzantine-88429.

Martin Rognan-89781 was born in 1908 in Norway. He died in Richmond Contra Costa, CA.

Daniel Morgan Poole-90201 was born on 27 Nov 1990 in Shelby, Cleveland, NC. He was christened on 3 Feb 1991 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC.

Amaury d' Anjou-93424.

Adam Tyler Poole-94185 was born on 16 Aug 1986 in Shelby, Cleveland, NC. He was christened on 7 Sep 1986 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC.


Isaakios Sebastokrator Of Comnene-99028.

Mrs. Mrs. Bohemond-99375.

Jean II Comnenus Of Constantinople Byzantine-99426.




Irini Dukania-99901.

Alexius I Of Comnene Byzantine-99954.



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