Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Guy VI van Thiers-66494.

Walter of Caesarea-66499.

Dulce de Foix-67608 was born about 1099 in of,,Comminges,Aude,France. She died in 1209.

Bradimena de Foix-67609 was born about 1097 in of,,Comminges,Aude,France.

Peter van Anduize-68010.

Bernard van Isle-Jourdain-68016.

Nicholas Boteler-68553.

John Dalton Sir Sir-68554.

Robert Urswick Sir Sir-68555.

Miss Miss de Lusignan-69128 was born about 1485 in Of, , , Cyprus.

Lancelot de Lusignan Cardinal-69256 was born about 1487 in Of, , , Cyprus.

Mrs- Mrs- James de Lusignan-69364 was born in Of, , , Cyprus.

Mrs- Mrs- James de Lusignan-69412 was born in Of, , , Cyprus.

Leonor of Castile-70724 was born on 13 Sep 1382.

Miguel, Infante of Portugal-71144 was born in 1384. He died in 1385.

Mrs Pedro de Aragon-71191 was born about 1362 in of,Villena,Valencia,Spain.

John S. Comnenus-71233 was born in Of, Constantinople, , Byzantine Empire.

Bohemund IV Antioch-71588.

Elisabeth Nilsdatter Berg-72062.

Daughter Hutchinson-72529 was born about 1385 in Cowlam, Yorks, Eng.

Barbara Hutchinson-72537 was born about 1383 in Cowlam, Yorks, Eng.

Eleanor Hutchinson-72560 was born about 1387 in Cowlam, Yorks, Eng.

Hutchinson-72924 was born about 1434 in Cowlam, Yorks., England.

John Flor-72973 was born about 1419 in Oakham, Rutland, England.

Catherine Botteller-72977 was born in Hatfield, Woodhall, Hertford, England.

Robert Flor-73020 was born about 1416 in Oakham, Rutland, England.

John Hutchinson-73072 was born about 1430 in Cowlam, Yorks., England.

Miss Hatch-73124.

Ursula Gregory-73172 was born about 1406 in Nefferton, Yorks., England. She died in York, England. She was buried in York, England.


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