Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Herborg Henriksen G. Kristoffersen-32748 was born in S²rvµr.

Johannes Nicolai Bjerk-32749 was born in Lille Salttjern.

Karin Isselin Kristoffersen-32750 was born in Ekker²y.

¢rjan Kristoffersen-32973.

Kirsti Jensen-33001 was born in Kirkenes.

Liss Rimala-33018 was born in Vads².

Magna Andrea Kristoffersen Nielsen-33019 was born in Ekker²y. She was christened in Vads². She died in Ekker²y. She was buried in Vads².

Marianne Kristoffersen G.Jullum Leiknes-33140 was born in Vads².

Kristian Kvaksrud-33143.

Ralph Billy Lundin-33221 was born in Karlstad. He was christened in Karlstad.

Richard Flory-33878 was born about 1315.

Kjetil Larsen-34176 was born in Stord.

Kristine Fallet-34184.

Johannes Johannesen-34226 was born in 1730 in Grasmoen, Holand, Akershus, Norweay. He died in 1801.

Conrad Laurits Kristophersen-34227 was born in Ekker²y. He was christened in Vads². He died on 4 Feb 1933 in Ekker²y. He was buried on 4 Jul 1933 in Vads² (Fredag).

Karin Isselin Kristoffersen-34231 was born in Ekker²y.

Son Flor-36400.

Marta Larsdatter-36603 was born in 1749 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.

Sarah Rebecca Poole-36840 was born on 31 Jan 1994 in Shelby, Cleveland, NC. She was christened on 6 Feb 1994 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC.

Phillip Ibelin-38819.

Ragnhild Amot-39080 was born about 1690 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.

Karen Johansdatter-39243 was born about 1728 in Urskog, Akershus, Norway. She died in 1751 in Holand, Akershus, Norway.

Carlos of Naples-46042 was born in 1480. He died in 1486.


Anne Bennett-49656 was born about 1432 in Thickley, Yorks, England. She died in York, England. She was buried in York, England.

Katherine-49864 was born about 1572 in Ratcliffe, Stepney Parish, London, England.

Roger Flory-50546 was born about 1340.

Roberto I King Naples-50553 was born about 1270 in Italy.

Mrs. George Flower-50799 was born about 1552 in , Whitwell, Rutlandshire, England.

Urs Flor-51308 was born in 1591 in Solothurn, Switzerland.

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