Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Damase Paquet-106147 [Parents].Damase married Oliva Belle-Humeur-106154.

Oliva Belle-Humeur-106154.Oliva married Damase Paquet-106147.

They had the following children:

  F i Mélina Paquette-106155 was born on 10 Feb 1879. She died on 13 Sep 1957.
  M ii Thomas Paquette-106156.

Joseph Turgeon-106157 died on 18 Mar 1953 in L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. He was buried in St-Anselme. He married Marie Laliberté-106149 on 7 Feb 1899 in St-Anselme.

Marie Laliberté-106149 [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1876. She was buried in Dec 1960 in St-Anselme. She married Joseph Turgeon-106157 on 7 Feb 1899 in St-Anselme.

They had the following children:

  M i Eugène Turgeon-106158 was born on 26 Sep 1901. He died on 2 Sep 1989.
  F ii Jeanne Turgeon-106159.
  F iii Rose-Hélène Turgeon-106160.
  F iv Thérèse Turgeon-106161.
  M v Philippe Turgeon-106162.
  M vi Onésime Turgeon-106163.
  F vii Yvonne Turgeon-106164.
  M viii Joseph Émile Turgeon-106165.

Joseph Latulippe-106166.Joseph married Emma Laliberté-106150 in Sep 1900 in St-Anselme.

Emma Laliberté-106150 [Parents].Emma married Joseph Latulippe-106166 in Sep 1900 in St-Anselme.

Joseph Onésime Laliberté-106151 [Parents].Joseph married Rose-Anna Berger-106167.

Other marriages:
Duclos, Delvina

Rose-Anna Berger-106167.Rose-Anna married Joseph Onésime Laliberté-106151.

Joseph Onésime Laliberté-106151 [Parents].Joseph married Delvina Duclos-106168.

Other marriages:
Berger, Rose-Anna

Delvina Duclos-106168.Delvina married Joseph Onésime Laliberté-106151.

Other marriages:
Laliberté, Odilon

Odilon Laliberté-106152 [Parents].Odilon married Delvina Duclos-106168.

Delvina Duclos-106168.Delvina married Odilon Laliberté-106152.

Other marriages:
Laliberté, Joseph Onésime

Louis-Félix Turgeon-106169.Louis-Félix married Marie Blanche Laliberté-106153 on 8 Feb 1909 in St-Anselme.

Marie Blanche Laliberté-106153 [Parents].Marie married Louis-Félix Turgeon-106169 on 8 Feb 1909 in St-Anselme.

Louis Nil Bouchard-106170 was born on 16 Oct 1870 in Petite-Rivière St-François. He died on 20 Feb 1968 in Macamic. He was buried in Chazel. He married Mélina Paquette-106155 in Feb 1894 in Ste-Brigide, Mtl.

Mélina Paquette-106155 [Parents] was born on 10 Feb 1879. She died on 13 Sep 1957 in Noranda. She was buried on 17 Sep 1957 in Chazel. She married Louis Nil Bouchard-106170 in Feb 1894 in Ste-Brigide, Mtl.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph Eugène Louis Bouchard-106171 was born 18 AOÛT 1895. He died in Dec 1981.
  F ii Marie-Anne Albertine Bouchard-106172 was born on 1 Jan 1898. She died on 6 Dec 1969.
  M iii Joseph Arthur Ovila Bouchard-106173 was born on 28 Feb 1899. He died on 10 Nov 1989.
  F iv Marie-Claire Émilia Bouchard-106174 was born on 12 Mar 1901. She died on 27 Feb 1992.
  M v Joseph-Hermédidas Bouchard-106175 was born on 12 Mar 1901 in Lac-aux-Sables. He died in Sep 1901.
  F vi Marie-Louise Anorine Bouchard-106176 was born on 22 Sep 1902. She died in Aug 1988.
  F vii Marie-Arthémise Bouchard-106177 was born on 16 Jan 1904 in Lac-aux-Sables. She died on 15 Nov 1905. She was buried on 16 Nov 1905 in Lac-aux-Sables.
  F viii Marie-Rose Émélina Bouchard-106178 was born in Jan 1905 in Lac-aux-Sables. She died 20 AOÛT 1905. She was buried 21 AOÛT 1905 in Lac-aux-Sables.
  F ix Maria Bouchard-106179 was born 25 AOÛT 1906. She died on 25 Nov 1974.
  M x Alfred Bouchard-106180 was born in Jan 1908. He died on 9 Mar 1999.
  F xi Blanche Bouchard-106181 was born on 20 Mar 1910. She died 27 AVRIL 1994.
  M xii Émilien Bouchard-106182.
  M xiii Lucien Bouchard-106183 was born on 19 Oct 1913. He died on 14 Nov 1997.
  F xiv Marie-Alma Georgina Bouchard-106184 was born 16 AVRIL 1915 in Grande-Anse. She died in Feb 1917.
  M xv Édouard Gaudias Bouchard-106185 was born in Jul 1916. He died 15 AVRIL 1982.
  M xvi Oscar Damase Bouchard-106186.
  M xvii Armand Bouchard-106187.

Thomas Paquette-106156 [Parents].Thomas married Esther Pépin-106188.

Other marriages:
Lapointe, Florida

Esther Pépin-106188.Esther married Thomas Paquette-106156.

Thomas Paquette-106156 [Parents].Thomas married Florida Lapointe-106189.

Other marriages:
Pépin, Esther

Florida Lapointe-106189.Florida married Thomas Paquette-106156.

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