Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Heymeru Barlais-104025 was born about 1190. He married Agnes Margat-104024.

Agnes Margat-104024 [Parents].Agnes married Heymeru Barlais-104025.

They had the following children:

  M i Amaury Barlais-104026.
  M ii Guillame Barlais-104027.
  M iii Renault Barlais-104028.
  F iv Philippa Barlais-104029 was born about 1220.

Angelier Gibelet-70027.Angelier married Eufemia Flamenc-104030.

Eufemia Flamenc-104030 [Parents].Eufemia married Angelier Gibelet-70027.

They had the following children:

  M i Angelier Gibelet-103962.

Amalric Flamenc-104031.Amalric married Marie Gibelet-104032.

Marie Gibelet-104032 [Parents].Marie married Amalric Flamenc-104031.

They had the following children:

  F i Eufemia Flamenc-104030.
  F ii Marguerite Flamenc-104033.

Raymond Antioch-104034.Raymond married Marguerite Flamenc-104033.

Marguerite Flamenc-104033 [Parents].Marguerite married Raymond Antioch-104034.

Guillame Gibelet-104035 [Parents].Guillame married Anne Montignac-104036.

Anne Montignac-104036.Anne married Guillame Gibelet-104035.

They had the following children:

  F i Marie Gibelet-104032.
  F ii Eudes Gibelet-104037.
  M iii Gerard Gibelet-104038.
  M iv Jean Gibelet-104039.
  F v Estephanie Gibelet-104040.

Jean Gibelet-104039 [Parents].Jean married Gilette d' Angelier-104041.

Gilette d' Angelier-104041.Gilette married Jean Gibelet-104039.

They had the following children:

  M i Guillame Gibelet-104042.
  F ii Marie Gibelet-104043.
  F iii Marie Gibelet-104044.

Amaury le Berneir-104045.Amaury married Estephanie Gibelet-104040.

Estephanie Gibelet-104040 [Parents].Estephanie married Amaury le Berneir-104045.

Lord Hugh III Embriaco de Gibelet-70299 [Parents] was born about 1120 in Of, Jebail, Tripoli, Syria. He died before 1197. He married Adelaide-70176.

Other marriages:
Milly, Stephanie de
, Agnes

Adelaide-70176.Adelaide married Lord Hugh III Embriaco de Gibelet-70299.

Amaury Margat-104047 [Parents].Amaury married N Thorote-104049.

N Thorote-104049.N married Amaury Margat-104047.

They had the following children:

  F i Marie Margat-104050.
  F ii Nn Margat-104051.
  F iii Nn Margat-104052.
  M iv Nn Margat-104053.

Mellour Maraclee-104054.Mellour married Marie Margat-104050.

Marie Margat-104050 [Parents].Marie married Mellour Maraclee-104054.

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