Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Viscount of Tripoli Guillame of Tripoli-103926 [Parents] was born about 1170. He married Marguerite Baphe-103927.

Marguerite Baphe-103927 [Parents].Marguerite married Viscount of Tripoli Guillame of Tripoli-103926.

They had the following children:

  M i Hugh of Tripoli-36656 was born about 1190.
  F ii Alix Tripoli-103939.
  M iii Viscount of Tripoli Jean Tripoli-103940.

Jean du Plessis-103931.Jean married Marie Tripoli-103930.

Marie Tripoli-103930 [Parents].Marie married Jean du Plessis-103931.

They had the following children:

  M i Jean Plessis-103932.
  M ii Baldwin Plessis-103933.
  F iii Etiennette Plessis-103934.
  F iv Marguerite Plessis-103935.
  F v Ansele Plessis-103938.

Jeffrey de Tor-103936.Jeffrey married Etiennette Plessis-103934.

Etiennette Plessis-103934 [Parents].Etiennette married Jeffrey de Tor-103936.

Jean I de Gibelet-88228 [Parents] died in 1315. He married Marguerite Plessis-103935.

Other marriages:
, Poitevine
Ibelin, Isabelle d'

Marguerite Plessis-103935 [Parents].Marguerite married Jean I de Gibelet-88228.

Jean of Acre Tripoli-103928 [Parents] was born about 1230. He married Isabel of Cyprus-103941.

Isabel of Cyprus-103941 [Parents] was born about 1230. She married Jean of Acre Tripoli-103928.

Marshal of Cyprus Anseau Cyprus-103942.

He had the following children:

  F i Isabel of Cyprus-103941 was born about 1230.

Viscount of Tripoli Jean Tripoli-103940 [Parents].Jean married Eschiva Farabel-103943.

Eschiva Farabel-103943 [Parents].Eschiva married Viscount of Tripoli Jean Tripoli-103940.

They had the following children:

  M i Balian Tripoli-103945.
  F ii Marie Tripoli-103946.
  F iii Marguerite Tripoli-103947.

Jean Farabel-103944.

He had the following children:

  F i Eschiva Farabel-103943.

Jean Bedouin-103948.Jean married Marguerite Tripoli-103947.

Marguerite Tripoli-103947 [Parents].Marguerite married Jean Bedouin-103948.

Renauld Bedoiun-103949.Renauld married Marie Tripoli-103946.

Marie Tripoli-103946 [Parents].Marie married Renauld Bedoiun-103949.

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