Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Jocelyn (Joachim) de Gibelet-103906.Jocelyn married Eschive Blanchgard-103897.

Eschive Blanchgard-103897 [Parents].Eschive married Jocelyn (Joachim) de Gibelet-103906.

Orable Blanchgard-103898 [Parents].Orable married Eustachia de Neville-103907.

Eustachia de Neville-103907.Eustachia married Orable Blanchgard-103898.

Viscount Tripoli Guillame Gibelet-103904.

He had the following children:

  M i Hughes Gibelet-103905.

William of Tabarie-103913.William married Marie Blanchgard de Beirut-103911.

Marie Blanchgard de Beirut-103911 [Parents].Marie married William of Tabarie-103913.

Hugh of Tripoli-36656 [Parents] was born about 1190. He married Etiennette Flory-101141.

Etiennette Flory-101141 [Parents] was born about 1195. She married Hugh of Tripoli-36656.

They had the following children:

  M i Jean of Acre Tripoli-103928 was born about 1230.
  F ii Marguerite Tripoli-103929.
  F iii Marie Tripoli-103930.


He had the following children:

  F i Wife-69456.

Hughes Gibelet-103915.Hughes married Sanche-103916.

Sanche-103916.Sanche married Hughes Gibelet-103915.

They had the following children:

  M i Guillame de Gibelet-103797.
  M ii Hughes II Gibelet-103917.
  M iii Raymond Gibelet-103918.
  F iv Agnes Gibelet-103919.
  F v Bertrande Gibelet-103920.

Hughes II Gibelet-103917 [Parents].Hughes married Gibelet-103921.

Gibelet-103921.Gibelet married Hughes II Gibelet-103917.

Raymond Gibelet-103918 [Parents].Raymond married Eve of Antioch-103922.

Eve of Antioch-103922.Eve married Raymond Gibelet-103918.

King Leon Armenia-103923.King married Bertrande Gibelet-103920.

Bertrande Gibelet-103920 [Parents].Bertrande married King Leon Armenia-103923.

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