Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Edmundo Dueñas-102364 [Parents].Edmundo married Isabel Aguilar Coppo-102558.

Isabel Aguilar Coppo-102558.Isabel married Edmundo Dueñas-102364.

They had the following children:

  F i Carmen Irene Dueñas-102559.

Galo Quevedo Freire-102560.Galo married Laura Elena Dueñas-102365.

Laura Elena Dueñas-102365 [Parents].Laura married Galo Quevedo Freire-102560.

They had the following children:

  F i Alexandra Quevedo-102561.
  M ii Galo Quevedo-102562.
  M iii Mario Quevedo-102563.

Ricardo Dueñas-102369 [Parents].Ricardo married Rosalva Suarez-102564.

Rosalva Suarez-102564.Rosalva married Ricardo Dueñas-102369.

They had the following children:

  M i Mauricio Dueñas-102565.
  M ii Oswaldo Dueñas-102566.

Alex Parra Fotografo-102567.Alex married Sonia Gonzalez-102383.

Sonia Gonzalez-102383 [Parents].Sonia married Alex Parra Fotografo-102567.

Edison Orlando Morales-102398 [Parents].Edison married Alicia Aguirre C.S.-102568.

Alicia Aguirre C.S.-102568.Alicia married Edison Orlando Morales-102398.

Patricio Cadena-102480 [Parents].Patricio married C.S. Hidalgo C.S.-102569.

C.S. Hidalgo C.S.-102569.C.S. married Patricio Cadena-102480.

Alexandro Farini Graziani-102570.Alexandro married Maria Del Rosario Baccinetti-102486.

Maria Del Rosario Baccinetti-102486 [Parents].Maria married Alexandro Farini Graziani-102570.

They had the following children:

  M i Gianluca Farini-102571.
  M ii Filiberto Farini-102572.

Marcelo Vela-102488 [Parents].Marcelo married Gabriela Blasi Foletti-102573.

Gabriela Blasi Foletti-102573.Gabriela married Marcelo Vela-102488.

Galo Ayora Avellan-102574.Galo married Martha Alicia Vela-102489.

Martha Alicia Vela-102489 [Parents].Martha married Galo Ayora Avellan-102574.

Francisco Ruales Concha-102575.Francisco married Elena Lasso-102493.

Elena Lasso-102493 [Parents].Elena married Francisco Ruales Concha-102575.

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