Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Henry Doyley-101024 was born about 1150. He married Maud Bohun-101025.

Maud Bohun-101025 [Parents] was born about 1152. She married Henry Doyley-101024.

William Edwin Robertson-70818 [Parents] was born on 10 May 1814 in , Nelson, KY. He died on 4 Mar 1899 in , Daviess, KY. He married Cordelia Thomas-73187 in Oct 1844 in Bloomfield, Nelson, KY.

Cordelia Thomas-73187 [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1825 in , Nelson, KY. She died on 28 Feb 1905 in , Daviess, KY or Calhoun, McLean, KY. She married William Edwin Robertson-70818 in Oct 1844 in Bloomfield, Nelson, KY.

They had the following children:

  M i Mark Lattimore Thomas Robertson-87469 was born on 4 Sep 1845. He died on 3 Dec 1928.
  F ii Susan Catherine Robertson-91125 was born on 17 Oct 1847.
  F iii Amelia Frances Robertson-91117 was born on 15 Sep 1849.
  M iv William Grigsby Robertson-94429 was born on 10 May 1852. He died on 31 Jul 1931/1932.
  F v Margaret Elizabeth or Margaret Ellen Robertson-86028 was born on 24 Nov 1853.
  F vi Mary Ellen Robertson-86120 was born on 25 Jun 1855. She died on 25 Jun 1912.
  F vii Adeline H or Adaline H or Adahline Robertson-86004 was born on 3 Oct 1857 in , Daviess, KY or, McLean, KY.
  F viii Annie or Anna Robertson-85639 was born on 31 Jan 1861.
  F ix Cordelia Robertson-86231 was born on 23 Jan 1863. She died on 5 Mar 1941.
  M x John Edwin Robertson-86558 was born on 20 Mar 1866. He died on 4 Mar 1962.

Raoul Taisson-101086 was born about 1020. He married Matilda Falaise-101030 about 1050.

Matilda Falaise-101030 [Parents] was born about 1030. She married Raoul Taisson-101086 about 1050.

Joscelin of Leves-101074.Joscelin married Odeline Le Puiset-101031.

Odeline Le Puiset-101031 [Parents].Odeline married Joscelin of Leves-101074.

Hugh of Le Puiset-101035.Hugh married Alice of Montlhery-101079.

Alice of Montlhery-101079 [Parents].Alice married Hugh of Le Puiset-101035.

They had the following children:

  M i Everard III Le Puiset-101033.
  F ii Odeline Le Puiset-101031.
  F iii Humberge Le Puiset-101034.
  M iv Waleran Le Puiset-101075.
  M v Gilduin Le Puiset-101032.
  M vi Hugh Le Puiset-101080 was born in 1107.

Everard III Le Puiset-101033 [Parents].Everard married Alice of Corbeil-101085.

Alice of Corbeil-101085.Alice married Everard III Le Puiset-101033.

Hugh Le Puiset-101080 [Parents] was born in 1107. He married Mable of Roucy-101036.

Mable of Roucy-101036 was born in 1107. She married Hugh Le Puiset-101080.

Hugh of Le Bourcq-101038.Hugh married Milisende of Montlhery-101071.

Milisende of Montlhery-101071 [Parents].Milisende married Hugh of Le Bourcq-101038.

They had the following children:

  M i Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem-101039 was born about 1070. He died in 1131.
  M ii Eudes of Vitry-101084.

Miles of Bray-101041 [Parents] was born in 1096/1101.

He had the following children:

  M i Guy Trousseau of Montlhercy-101078.
  F ii Emeline of Montlhery-101076.

Hugh III Corbeil-Puisset-101045 was born about 1102. He died in 1132. He married Agnes de Blois-101044.

Agnes de Blois-101044 [Parents] was born about 1107. She married Hugh III Corbeil-Puisset-101045.

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