Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Ralph De Tellieres [Earl]-18673 [Parents] was born in 1058 in <Of, Whitchurch, , England>. He married Rohese Fitzrichard De Clare-18121.

Other marriages:
Gilbert, Ronais Fitz

Rohese Fitzrichard De Clare-18121 [Parents] was born in 1067 in , Tunbridge, Kent, England. She died in 1121 in , , , England. She married Ralph De Tellieres [Earl]-18673.

Other marriages:
Rie, Hugh De

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Gifford-85737 was born about 1110.

Alphonso, Count Of Ghesnes-100446 was born about 1000 in Of Hedingham, Essex, England. He was buried in , , , Chart 498. He married Mrs- Katherine Flanders Countess of Ghesnes-76884 in Probably, England.

Mrs- Katherine Flanders Countess of Ghesnes-76884 [Parents] was born in 1000 in Hedingham, Essex, England, Great Britain. She was buried in , , , Chart 498. She married Alphonso, Count Of Ghesnes-100446 in Probably, England.

Other marriages:
de Vere, Alphonso (Alphonsus) Count of Ghesnes

They had the following children:

  M i Alberic(Aubrey) Vere-100177 was born about 1030.

Eleazer Gould-88836 [Parents] was born on 29 May 1720 in Topsfield, Essex, Ma. He died in Jun 1795 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Smith-94755 on 17 Apr 1740 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Smith-94755 [Parents] was born on 8 Jul 1718 in Topsfield, Essex, Ma. She died on 27 Mar 1753. She married Eleazer Gould-88836 on 17 Apr 1740 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts.

Robert Nantz-94435.Robert married Ida G. Robertson-86104 on 23 Jan 1901.

Ida G. Robertson-86104 [Parents] was born on 16 Jan 1882 in , Daviess, KY. She married Robert Nantz-94435 on 23 Jan 1901.

Henry de Essex-85670 [Parents] was born in 1091 in Essex, England, Great Britain.

Other marriages:
Rayleigh, Cecily
Vere, Adeliza De 1 wife

He had the following children:

  F i Lucia Essex-54322 was born about 1125. She died after 1194.

Michael Amstaetter-100264.Michael married Barbara Haan-86431.

Barbara Haan-86431.Barbara married Michael Amstaetter-100264.

They had the following children:

  F i Maria Ambstoetter-100316.

Ebal I De Grandson-100193 [Parents] was born about 1087 in , Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland. He died on 4 May 1130/1135. He married Adelheid-100194.

Adelheid-100194 was born about 1091 in , Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland. She married Ebal I De Grandson-100193.

Jakob Schickelgrueber-99662 [Parents].Jakob married Elisabeth Kherler-85750.

Elisabeth Kherler-85750 [Parents].Elisabeth married Jakob Schickelgrueber-99662.

They had the following children:

  M i Jakob Schicklgruber-84796.

Robert Bisset 1 husband-75438 was born about 1265. He married Annabel Sinclair-86301.

Annabel Sinclair-86301 [Parents] was born about 1268. She died before 1304. She married Robert Bisset 1 husband-75438.

Other marriages:
wemyss, David 2 husband

William Talvace Count of Alencon-74823 [Parents] was born in 1084 in <Of, , Sussex, England>. He died about 1171. He married Alix Ala De Burgundy-54238.

Other marriages:
Burgundy (Borel), Alice (Helia,ada,helie) Countess of Burgundy;Duchess of Alencon

Alix Ala De Burgundy-54238 [Parents] was born about 1040 in <Of, Elington, Lincolnshire, England>. She died on 28 Feb 1142. She married William Talvace Count of Alencon-74823.

Other marriages:
Montgomery Despencer, William Talvas

They had the following children:

  F i Adelia De Talvas (Talvace)-18428 was born about 1110. She died in 1174.

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