Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Duncan Mackintosh-84804 [Parents] was born about 1720 in ,,scotland. He died before 1783/1787 in Richmond ,Nc. He married Ann Dallas-86146.

Ann Dallas-86146 [Parents] was born about 1725 in Cantray, inverness, scotland. She married Duncan Mackintosh-84804.

They had the following children:

  F i Isabel Mcintosh-54256 was born about 1747. She died in Jan 1813.
  M ii Alexander MacKintosh-75870 was born in <1753> in <, , Scotland>. He died in 1827 in unm..
  M iii Angus MacKintosh-82950 was born about 1755. He died on 25 Jan 1833.
  M iv James MacKintosh-75256 was born in <1757> in <, , Scotland>.

Angus MacKintosh-82950 [Parents] was born about 1755 in , , Scotland. He died on 25 Jan 1833 in Moy Hall, Moy, Scotland. He married Mary Archange Baudry-85583 on 17 Jun 1783 in Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan.

Mary Archange Baudry-85583.Mary married Angus MacKintosh-82950 on 17 Jun 1783 in Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan.

Shade Dover-49803 was born about 1800. He married Jamima Martin-37070.

Jamima Martin-37070 [Parents] was born about 1801 in , York, Sc. She died before 1853. She married Shade Dover-49803.

They had the following children:

  F i Lila Dover-66308 was born about 1833.
  M ii Washington Dover-66343 was born about 1839.

Alexander Ramsay-83987 was born about 1450. He married Douglas eLLIZABETH Douglas-83000.

Douglas eLLIZABETH Douglas-83000 [Parents] was born about 1453. She married Alexander Ramsay-83987.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander Ramsay-78572 was born about 1475.

James K (Polk) McKay-72907 [Parents] was born in Nov 1841 in anderson, tn. He married Ellen Wilson-85333 on 14 Oct 1866.

Ellen Wilson-85333 was born about 1845. She married James K (Polk) McKay-72907 on 14 Oct 1866.

Isabella McKay-88395 [Parents] was born about 1773. She died on 24 Aug 1811 in Jones co, Ga.

She had the following children:

  F i nancy-74916 was born about 1790.
  F ii Peggy-75153 was born about 1792.
  M iii JOhn-87643 was born about 1793.
  M iv Neily-84766 was born about 1795.
  M v Samuel-83788 was born about 1797.

John gordon-86676 was born about 1785. He married Margaret (Peggy) McKay-82712 on 9 Feb 1809.

Margaret (Peggy) McKay-82712 [Parents] was born about 1783. She married John gordon-86676 on 9 Feb 1809.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander gordon-83664 was born about 1809.
  F ii Isabella gordon-82968 was born about 1811.
  F iii Effy gordon-83800 was born about 1813.
  M iv William gordon-75137 was born about 1815.

JOhn Stewart-85002 [Parents] was born about 1405 in arntulie, Cardneys, Dowallie, ,perth,scotland. He married Janet Wightman-84955 about 1440.

Janet Wightman-84955 was born about 1420 in scotland. She married JOhn Stewart-85002 about 1440.

John McKay-85445 [Parents] was born in 1802. He married Sarah Archer-83523.

Sarah Archer-83523 was born about 1805. She married John McKay-85445.

Robert V Lamont-73211 was born about 1375. He died in 1433. He married Ann MacDonald-85103.

Ann MacDonald-85103 [Parents] was born about 1373 in of the isles. She married Robert V Lamont-73211.

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