Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William Graham-94642 [Parents] was born about 1190.

He had the following children:

  M i David Graham-83002 was born about 1215.

Robert menzies viscount-84222 [Parents] was born about 1299 in weem, perth. He married Margaret evioth-84223.

Margaret evioth-84223 was born about 1302 in busey. She married Robert menzies viscount-84222.

John Maitland-75483 [Parents] was born about 1350 in <Of, Thirlestone, Berwickshire, Scotland>. He married Agnes Dunbar-86272.

Agnes Dunbar-86272 was born about 1360 in <Of, Thirlestone, Berwickshire, Scotland>. She married John Maitland-75483.

Alanson Harris-29528 [Parents] was born on 11 Sep 1811 in Hanover Co., Virginia. He married Sophia A-36524.

Sophia A-36524 was born in 1814/1815 in VA. She married Alanson Harris-29528.

They had the following children:

  F i Cynthia J Harris-102873 was born in 1836/1837. She died on 17 May 1874.

Mark Stephen Leonard-77224 [Parents] was born on 21 Jun 1949 in joplin, jasper, missouri. He died on 16 Nov 1993 in lung cancer due to smoking, Pittsburg, crawford, Ks. He married Sandra Jane christy choctaw indian-83512.

Other marriages:
christy, Sandra Jane choctaw indian
christy, Sandra Jane choctaw indian

Sandra Jane christy choctaw indian-83512.Sandra married Mark Stephen Leonard-77224.

James Stewart-88427 [Parents] was born about 1395. He married Janet Menzies heiress-92322.

Janet Menzies heiress-92322 was born about 1400 in fothergill and garth, PErth. She married James Stewart-88427.

Walter Oliphant-99494 [Parents] was born about 1324 in Aberdalgie, Gask, Perthshire, Scotland. He died after 1378. He married Mary Erskine-82956.

Mary Erskine-82956 was born in <1326> in <Aberdalgie, Gask, Perthshire, Scotland>. She married Walter Oliphant-99494.

Hugh Dallas-75535 was born about 1635 in Budgate, haddington, scotland. He married Christian Lauder-83484.

Christian Lauder-83484 [Parents] was born about 1635 in lauder, berwick, scotland. She died on 21 Apr 1691. She married Hugh Dallas-75535.

They had the following children:

  F i Christian Dallas-88067 was born about 1660.

Sir Walter Scott-94361 [Parents] was born in 1490/1504 in Branxholm, roxburgh, scotland. He died on 4 Oct 1552 in Killed. He married Janet (Betoun) BEThune 3 wife-72959 in Of Creich, Sutherland, , Scotland.

Other marriages:
Carmichael, Elizabeth 1 wife
Ker, Janet 2 wife

Janet (Betoun) BEThune 3 wife-72959 was born in 1519 in Creich, fife, Scotland. She married Sir Walter Scott-94361 in Of Creich, Sutherland, , Scotland.

They had the following children:

  F i Grissel Scott-76160 was born about 1545.

Duncan MacKintosh emig 1716-76090 was born in 1689 in Daviot, Aberdeen , Scotland. He died in 1744 in Jamaica. He married Margaret Dallas-75086 about 1715.

Margaret Dallas-75086 [Parents] was born about 1690 in Cantry, Inverness, scotland. She married Duncan MacKintosh emig 1716-76090 about 1715.

They had the following children:

  M i Duncan Mackintosh-84804 was born about 1720. He died before 1783/1787.
  M ii MacKintosh-75533 was born about 1722 in <, , Scotland>.
  M iii MacKintosh-74280 was born about 1724 in <, , Scotland>.
  M iv MacKintosh-69205 was born about 1726 in <, , Scotland>.
  M v MacKintosh-73122 was born about 1728 in <, , Scotland>.
  M vi MacKintosh-83369 was born about 1730 in <, , Scotland>.

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