Relatives of Bruce Rognan

sir sir Phillip moubray govenor of stirling castle-84395 [Parents] was born about 1280. He died in 1318 in slain at Dundalk. He married Eve-86337.

Eve-86337 was born about 1283. She married sir sir Phillip moubray govenor of stirling castle-84395.

Malcolm MacKintosh-92194 was born about 1367/0090 in dunachton, scotland. He died in 1457. He married Mora macdonald-88716.

Mora macdonald-88716 [Parents] was born about 1375 in moydart, scotland. She married Malcolm MacKintosh-92194.

Henry De Tracy-84579 [Parents] was born about 1103 in Of, Barnstaple, Devon, England. He married Daughter Daughter Tonte or Tontais-75886.

Daughter Daughter Tonte or Tontais-75886 was born about 1105 in <Of, Barnstaple, Devon, England>. She married Henry De Tracy-84579.

Robert Keith Marshal of Scotland-72852 [Parents] was born about 1303 in Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He died in 1332 in s.p.m.. He married Margaret Hay-94511.

Margaret Hay-94511.Margaret married Robert Keith Marshal of Scotland-72852.

Douglas Walter Hack-75915 was born on 25 Oct 1951 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA. He married Catherine Susan Ford-91591 on 26 May 1984 in Rio Linda, Sacramento, California.

Catherine Susan Ford-91591 [Parents] was born on 21 Nov 1956 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA. She married Douglas Walter Hack-75915 on 26 May 1984 in Rio Linda, Sacramento, California.

Walter Montefex-76202 was born about 1210.

He had the following children:

  M i laurence Montefex-83842 was born about 1240.

Warren Vernon-53386 [Parents] was born about 1150 in shipbrook, chesshire. He married bulgiolle-84166.

bulgiolle-84166 was born about 1152 in hulgreve and erdeswicke, chesshire. She married Warren Vernon-53386.

Donald cameron-83836 [Parents] was born about 1390. He married macmartin-86262.

macmartin-86262 was born about 1392 in letterfurley. She married Donald cameron-83836.

John Montgomery-85068 [Parents] was born about 1165. He married Helen of Loo of Kent-84738.

Helen of Loo of Kent-84738 was born about 1170 in innerwick,kent, england. She married John Montgomery-85068.

They had the following children:

  M i Alan MONTGOMERy-84652 was born about 1195. He died in 1233.

Alan Montgomery-82587 [Parents] was born about 1135. He was married about 1190.

He had the following children:

  M i John Montgomery-85068 was born about 1165.

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