Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Adam De Burgh-84449 [Parents] was born about 1320 in Of, Burgh Hall, Staffordshire, England. He married Alilitha Harcourt-78577.

Alilitha Harcourt-78577 [Parents] was born about 1336 in Of, Rayon, ronton, Staffordshire, England. She married Adam De Burgh-84449.

William Munchensy-76432 [Parents] was born about 1240. He died before 16 Sep 1287. He married Amice-93277.

Other marriages:
, Amice
, Amice

Amice-93277 was born about 1245. She married William Munchensy-76432.

Jakob von Holstein-101569 [Parents] was born about 1530 in Halsteinborg, Soro, Denmark. He died in 1585. He married Margareth von Maltzahn-101575.

Margareth von Maltzahn-101575 was born about 1532. She died before 1588. She married Jakob von Holstein-101569.

They had the following children:

  F i Ilsabe von Holstein 2 wife-101568 was born about 1550. She died before 17 Nov 1604/1610.
  M ii Jakob von Holstein-101576 was born about 1555. He died in 1618.
  M iii Jakob von Holstein-104236 was born about 1555. He died in 1618.

Ralph Valletort-85180 [Parents] was born about 1194. He died in 1270.

He had the following children:

  M i Reginald Valletort-93043 was born about 1220.

John De Grenville-83818 was born in <1243> in <Of Chilton, Wotton, Buckinghamshire, England>. He married Agatha De Burgh-84383.

Agatha De Burgh-84383 [Parents] was born about 1255. She married John De Grenville-83818.

They had the following children:

  F i Nichola De Grenville-83590 was born about 1280.

Reginald De Hampden-83492 was born about 1270 in Of Hampton, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1332. He married Nichola De Grenville-83590 about 1298 in Buckinghamshire, England.

Nichola De Grenville-83590 [Parents] was born about 1280 in Of Chilton, Wotton, Buckinghamshire, England. She married Reginald De Hampden-83492 about 1298 in Buckinghamshire, England.

malcom Lamont-83609 was born about 1160. He died before 1235. He married fitzsomerled-83592.

fitzsomerled-83592 [Parents] was born about 1161. She married malcom Lamont-83609.

They had the following children:

  M i sir sir Laumon lamont-83600 was born about 1235. He died after 1293.

Alan Stewart Knight-83608 [Parents] was born about 1272 in Of, , , Scotland.

He had the following children:

  M i sir sir Alexander Stewart-84079 was born about 1305.

sir sir Walter Stewart-83595 [Parents] was born about 1274 in dalswinton.

He had the following children:

  M i Walter Stewart-85945 was born about 1305 in Dalswinton.Kirkmahoe, Dumfriesshire.

sir James Stewart-83594 [Parents] was born about 1276 in Of, , Pearston, Scotland. He died on 19 Jul 1333 in slain at Halidonhill.

He had the following children:

  M i Robert Stewart-86767 was born about 1310. He died in 1384.
  F ii Katherine stewart-84949 was born about 1315.
  F iii Katherine Stewart-87216 was born about 1315.

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