Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Gerard De Widdrington-76735.Gerard married Margaret Grey-88120 about 1438.

Margaret Grey-88120 [Parents] was born about 1414 in Of, Heton, Northumberland, England. She married Gerard De Widdrington-76735 about 1438.

John Grey-77537 [Parents] was born about 1416 in Of, Heton, Northumberland, England. He died in (Sp). He married Jonera Mrs Grey-86433.

Jonera Mrs Grey-86433.Jonera married John Grey-77537.

Henry WhARTON-77295 was born about 1407 in Of Warton, Westmoreland & Croglin, Cumberland, Eng. He died after 1409. He married Elizabeth Musgrave-85420 about 1376.

Elizabeth Musgrave-85420 [Parents] was born about 1410 in Of Harcla Castle, Westmoreland Co., Eng. She married Henry WhARTON-77295 about 1376.

John I Berkeley-85424 [Parents] was born about 1310 in Coston, Leicestershire, England. He died before 1356. He married Isabel BURDETt-84082 before 1341.

Isabel BURDETt-84082 was born in <1312> in <Coston, Leicestershire, England>. She married John I Berkeley-85424 before 1341.

John Kirkby-95823 [Parents] was born about 1405 in Of, Out Rawcliffe, Lancashire, England. He died before 1476/1477. He married Clemence Urswick-75837 about 1422 in Manor Of, Rawcliffe, Lancashire, Englabd.

Clemence Urswick-75837.Clemence married John Kirkby-95823 about 1422 in Manor Of, Rawcliffe, Lancashire, Englabd.

sir sir Ralph ARUNDELl-83539 was born about 1205 in treloy. He married Eva Ros-77640.

Eva Ros-77640 [Parents] was born about 1215. She died after 1284. She married sir sir Ralph ARUNDELl-83539.

James Henry Regan-104149 was born on 6 Apr 1905. He married Doris Muriel Spiller-95482 on 23 Mar 1938.

Doris Muriel Spiller-95482 [Parents] was born on 30 Nov 1905 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO. She died in Jul 1991. She married James Henry Regan-104149 on 23 Mar 1938.

Other marriages:
Myers, Fredric William

Arnt Svendsen Rognan-314 [Parents] was born in 1791 in Verdal, Nord Trondelag, Norway. He died in 1834. He married Guru P Oksvoldhagen-96199.

Guru P Oksvoldhagen-96199 [Parents] was born in 1800 in Bakkhaugen, Steinkjer, Nord Trondelag, Norway. She died on 24 Dec 1891 in Steinkjer, Nord Trondelag, Norway. She married Arnt Svendsen Rognan-314.

They had the following children:

  F i Marta Arntsdatter Rognan-96070 was born in 1824 in Steinkjar, NT, Norway. She died in 1900.

John Barnewall-76965 [Parents] was born about 1373 in trimleston or frankeston. He married Genet netterville-86961.

Genet netterville-86961 was born about 1378 in staffordston. She married John Barnewall-76965.

Humphrey De Northwode-86311 [Parents] was born before 1284 in <Of, , Kent, England>. He died before 1346 in Of, Shalford Manor, Essex, England. He was buried in St. Andrews, Shalford, Essex, England. He married Joan Valence-76967 about 1308 in Of, , Kent, England.

Joan Valence-76967.Joan married Humphrey De Northwode-86311 about 1308 in Of, , Kent, England.

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