Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Joan fitzpayne-82264 was born about 1260 in Of, , Nottinghamshire, England. She was married before 6 Jun 1301 in Of, , Nottinghamshire, England.

Other marriages:
Cromwell, Ralph De

She had the following children:

  F i Lucy De Grey-93430 was born about 1285.

Robert rutherford-94993 [Parents] was born about 1388. He married Joan Heaton 2 wife-100272.

Joan Heaton 2 wife-100272 was born on 1 Aug 1389 in Chevelyngham, northumberland. She married Robert rutherford-94993.

John de Wysham-92112 was born about 1292. He married Hawise Botetourt-84285.

Hawise Botetourt-84285 [Parents] was born about 1294. She married John de Wysham-92112.

George MUNROe 10 of foulis-93046 [Parents] was born about 1380 in foulis. He married mcCulloch-83640.

mcCulloch-83640 was born about 1390. She married George MUNROe 10 of foulis-93046.

Hugh MUNROe 9 of foulis-75425 was born about 1352 in foulis. He married Isable sutherland-83641.

Isable sutherland-83641 [Parents] was born about 1354. She married Hugh MUNROe 9 of foulis-75425.

They had the following children:

  M i George MUNROe 10 of foulis-93046 was born about 1380.

Thomas Curzon-86153 was born about 1425 in croxhall, derby. He died on 8 Aug 1485. He married Margaret harrington-94164.

Margaret harrington-94164 [Parents] was born about 1435. She married Thomas Curzon-86153.

Donald maccarthy-94166 was born in 1303 in Desmond. He died in 1371. He married Jeanne Fitzgerald-84808.

Other marriages:
fitzgerald, Jeanne

Jeanne Fitzgerald-84808 [Parents] was born about 1315. She married Donald maccarthy-94166.

Thomas Fiennes Knight-87793.Thomas married Phillipa De Dacre-83672.

Other marriages:
Dacre, Margaret De

Phillipa De Dacre-83672 [Parents] was born about 1428 in Of, Gisland, Northumberland, England. She died on 5 Jan 1457/1458. She married Thomas Fiennes Knight-87793.

Thomas Fiennes Knight-87793.Thomas married Margaret De Dacre-92961.

Other marriages:
Dacre, Phillipa De

Margaret De Dacre-92961 [Parents] was born about 1431 in Of, Gisland, Northumberland, England. She married Thomas Fiennes Knight-87793.

stephen podyford-87754 was born about 1297. He married Margaret Sergeaux-85804.

Margaret Sergeaux-85804 [Parents] was born about 1300. She married stephen podyford-87754.

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