Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Walter FitzWalter-78764 [Parents] was born in 1275 in henham. He died in 1293. He married Joan engaine-83661 in 1286.

Joan engaine-83661 was born about 1276. She died on 1 Jun 1315. She married Walter FitzWalter-78764 in 1286.

Robert Harrington-55316 [Parents] was born about 1435 in Exton, Rutland, England. He died before 2 Jan 1497. He married Isabella Balderstone-85965.

Other marriages:
Prisett, Maud

Isabella Balderstone-85965 was born about 1445 in Of, Osbaldeston, Lancashire, England. She married Robert Harrington-55316.

William Skipwith Sir-99495 was born about 1415 in Allerton, Nottinghamshire, England. He died on 27 Nov 1482. He married Agnes Constable-84767.

Agnes Constable-84767 [Parents] was born about 1440 in Of, Halsham, Yorkshire, England. She married William Skipwith Sir-99495.

Other marriages:
Saint Quintin, Thomas 1 husband

Philip Craig Poole-88845 [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1960 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SC. He married Shirley Ruth Roche-96936 on 7 Jun 1985 in Logan, Cache, UT. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Brady, Heidi

Shirley Ruth Roche-96936.Shirley married Philip Craig Poole-88845 on 7 Jun 1985 in Logan, Cache, UT. The marriage ended in divorce.

pain de Chaworth-83924 was born about 1200. He married Gundred de la ferte-75083.

Other marriages:
Ferte, Gundred de la

Gundred de la ferte-75083 was born about 1200. She married pain de Chaworth-83924.

Jollan De Neville-92729 [Parents] was born about 1195 in Of, , Yorkshire, England. He died in 1246. He married Sarah Mrs De Neville-75084 about 1244 in Of, Pickhill, Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
Beauchamp, Maud

Sarah Mrs De Neville-75084.Sarah married Jollan De Neville-92729 about 1244 in Of, Pickhill, Yorkshire, England.

Thomas bruce-75285 [Parents] was born in 1313 in ,Clackmannan , Scotland. He died in 1358. He married Marjory Charteries-82768.

Marjory Charteries-82768 was born in <1317> in <, , Scotland>. She married Thomas bruce-75285.

Hugh ross 4 laird-82714 was born about 1395 in balnagowan. He married Janet sutherland-95401.

Janet sutherland-95401 [Parents] was born about 1400 in sutherland. She married Hugh ross 4 laird-82714.

Theodore Rognan-99851 [Parents] was born on 30 Jun 1881 in Steinkjar, NT, Norway. He died on 14 Jun 1930 in Yankton, South Dakota. He married Julie Hafstad-87338.

Julie Hafstad-87338 [Parents] was born on 16 Sep 1887. She died on 2 Feb 1958. She married Theodore Rognan-99851.

They had the following children:

  F i Ruth Amelia Rognan-91943.

sir sir malcolm wallace Counselor to Alex III, 2 son-72488 [Parents] was born about 1245 in obtained elderslie, ayr, scotland. He died in 1295. He married mrs mrs 1 wife-83606 about 1267.

Other marriages:
, mrs 1 wife
crawford, Margaret Jean 2 wife
, mrs 1 wife

mrs mrs 1 wife-83606 was born about 1248. She married sir sir malcolm wallace Counselor to Alex III, 2 son-72488 about 1267.

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