Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William De Mowbray Knight-85759 [Parents] was born about 1287 in <Of, Kirklington, Yorkshire, England>. He married Agnes dependen-75316.

Agnes dependen-75316 was born about 1288. She married William De Mowbray Knight-85759.

Peter de Mauley-88639 [Parents] was born in 1229 in <Of Flamborough, Yorks, England>. He married Nichole de Gaunt-82874.

Nichole de Gaunt-82874 was born about 1240. She married Peter de Mauley-88639.

They had the following children:

  F i Katherine Mauley-88698 was born about 1255.
  M ii Piers IV de Mauley-84253 was born about 1280. He died about 1348.
  F iii Margaret Mauley-83977 was born about 1276.

Robert Constable-85772 was born about 1250 in Of Flamborough, Yorkshire, England. He died on 10 Apr 1294. He married Katherine Mauley-88698 about 1274.

Katherine Mauley-88698 [Parents] was born about 1255 in Of Flamborough, Yorks, England. She was christened in Of Flamburgh, Yorkshire, England. She was buried in Flamburgh, Yorkshire, England. She married Robert Constable-85772 about 1274.

They had the following children:

  M i Marmaduke Constable-95813 was born about 1275. He died before 19 Jun 1378.
  F ii Katherine Constable-88756 was born about 1287 in Of Holme, Flamborough, Yorks, Eng..
  M iii John Constable-84330 was born about 1290. He died after 1377.
  M iv Thomas Constable-88717 was born about 1294 in Flamborough, Yorks, Eng.. He died after 1377.
  F v Margaret Constable-88384 was born about 1297 in Flamborough, Yorks, Eng.. She died after 1377.

Piers IV de Mauley-84253 [Parents] was born about 1280 in Mulgrave Castle, , England. He died about 1348. He married Eleanor De Furnival-82345 about 1299.

Eleanor De Furnival-82345 [Parents] was born in 1276 in <Of, Mulgrave Castle, , England>. She married Piers IV de Mauley-84253 about 1299.

They had the following children:

  M i Piers V (Peter) de Mauley Sir Knight;Third Lord Mawley-84262 was born in 1300. He died in 1354.

Marmaduke Constable-95813 [Parents] was born about 1275 in Of Flamborough, Yorkshire, England. He died before 19 Jun 1378 in Flamborough, Yorkshire, England. He was buried in Holme, Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth-85809 about 1294.

Other marriages:
, Joanna

Elizabeth-85809 was born about 1278 in Of Flamborough, Yorkshire, England. She married Marmaduke Constable-95813 about 1294.

William De Aubigny-88518 [Parents] was born about 1128 in Of Belvoir Castl, , Leicestershire, England. He died in 1168. He married Cecile Mrs Aubigny-77557.

Other marriages:
Aubigny, Adelisa Mrs
Saint Liz, Maud

Cecile Mrs Aubigny-77557.Cecile married William De Aubigny-88518.

Olave I Bitling King Of-18373 [Parents] was born about 1080 in Of, , , Isle Of Man. He died after 1153 in , , , Isle Of Man. He married concubine-83260.

Other marriages:
Galloway, Affrica De [Queen Of Man]
Hakonsdatter, Ingebiorg

concubine-83260.concubine married Olave I Bitling King Of-18373.

John Stafford-77587 [Parents] was born about 1370 in Frome. He married Cheyney (cheney)-85901.

Cheyney (cheney)-85901 was born about 1372. She married John Stafford-77587.

William De Braose Baron Brewose-66084 [Parents] was born in 1224 in Of, Bramber, Sussex, England. He was christened in (21-Bef 1245). He died on 6 Jan 1290. He was buried in , Findon. He married Mary De Ros 3 wife-82523 about 1270 in Of, , Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
Multon, Aline 1 Wife
Moels, Agnes De 2 wife

Mary De Ros 3 wife-82523 [Parents] was born about 1235 in , Helmsby, Yorkshire, England. She died before 23 May 1326. She married William De Braose Baron Brewose-66084 about 1270 in Of, , Yorkshire, England.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard de Braose-48905 was born about 1271 in , Bramber, Sussex, England. He died in 1295.
  M ii Piers Braose-84130 was born 1272 age 23 in 1295. He died on 1 Feb 1311/1312.
  M iii William de Braose-53415 was born about 1274. He died in 1360.
  F iv Margaret de Braose-49354 was born about 1276 in Of, Westneston, Sussex, England. She died in 1360.
  M v John de Braose-50746 was born about 1278 in Of, Westneston, Sussex, England.
  F vi Margaret BRAose 1 wife-83527 was born about 1280.
  F vii Margery De Braose-95238 was born about 1282. She died in 1326.

Martin Doecker-95442 [Parents].Martin married Elisabeth Artner-100917.

Elisabeth Artner-100917 [Parents].Elisabeth married Martin Doecker-95442.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph Tecker-84086.

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