Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Henry Sinclair 2 Earl of Orkney-82953 was born about 1379 in Of, , Orkney, Scotland. He died on 1 Feb 1420. He married Egidia (jill) Douglas Countess of Orkney-75131 before 17 Nov 1407.

Egidia (jill) Douglas Countess of Orkney-75131 [Parents] was born about 1390 in Of, Nithsdale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. She died about 1438 in , , , Scotland. She married Henry Sinclair 2 Earl of Orkney-82953 before 17 Nov 1407.

Other marriages:
Stewart, Alexander Knight

They had the following children:

  M i William Sinclair-46933 was born about 1408. He died in Mar 1482.
  F ii Beatrice sinclair-75858 was born about 1407.

William Le Bigod-71675 [Parents] was born about 1188 in Of, Thetford, Norfolk, Norfolk, England. He married Margaret De Sutton-82586.

Margaret De Sutton-82586 was born about 1190. She married William Le Bigod-71675.

She had the following children:

  M i Robert II De Alencon-18129 was born about 1039. He died in 1119.
  M ii Robert Belleme 3 e sHREWSBURY-84972 was born about 1060.

Charles Robert Spencer Earl Spencer, Kg-99431 [Parents] was born on 30 Oct 1857 in Dallington, Northamptonshire, England. He died on 26 Sep 1922 in St James Place, London, London, England. He married Margaret Baring Hon.-99548.

Margaret Baring Hon.-99548 was born in 1868. She died in 1906. She married Charles Robert Spencer Earl Spencer, Kg-99431.

William Mansfield-99574.William married Victoria Alexander Spencer Baroness Sandhurst-99432 on 20 Jul 1881.

Victoria Alexander Spencer Baroness Sandhurst-99432 [Parents] was born on 22 Oct 1859 in Dallington, Northamptonshire, England. She died in 1904. She married William Mansfield-99574 on 20 Jul 1881.

Robert Newmarch-99501.Robert married Joan Shirley-54862.

Joan Shirley-54862 [Parents] was born about 1376 in Of, Wiston, Sussex, England. She married Robert Newmarch-99501.

John Cockayne-99502.John married Isabella Shirley-54579.

Isabella Shirley-54579 [Parents] was born about 1382 in Of, Wiston, Sussex, England. She married John Cockayne-99502.

William Cavendish Duke of Devonshire-99578.William married Georgiana Spencer Duchess of Devonshire-99438 on 6 Jun 1774 in , Wimbledon, Surrey, England.

Georgiana Spencer Duchess of Devonshire-99438 [Parents] was born on 7 Jun 1757 in of, Wimbledon, Surrey, England. She was christened on 12 Jul 1757 in , Althorpe, Northamptonshire, England. She died on 30 Mar 1806 in Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, Middlesex, England. She was buried in All Saints Derby, Derbyshire, England. She married William Cavendish Duke of Devonshire-99578 on 6 Jun 1774 in , Wimbledon, Surrey, England.

sir sir John De La Pole-75967 [Parents] was born about 1397 in Of, Cotton, Suffolk, England. He died after 12 Jun 1429. He married Marie of SICILy-77214 about 1428.

Marie of SICILy-77214 was born about 1396. She married sir sir John De La Pole-75967 about 1428.

Gruffydd Ap Cynan prince of north wales-77268 [Parents] was born in 1055 in Of, , Caernarvonshire, Wales. He died in 1137 in , , Caernarvonshire, Wales. He was buried in Bangor Cathedral, Is Gwyrfai, Caernarvonshire, Wales. He married Perwyr Verch Bran-87003.

Other marriages:
Llychwy, Miss Verch
Owain, Angharad Verch

Perwyr Verch Bran-87003 [Parents] was born about 1080 in Of, , Anglesey, Wales. She married Gruffydd Ap Cynan prince of north wales-77268.

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