Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Gilbert de Neville-96837 [Parents].Gilbert married Mrs. Mrs. Gilbert-96838.

Mrs. Mrs. Gilbert-96838.Mrs. married Gilbert de Neville-96837.

Gilbert Neville-96839 [Parents].Gilbert married Mrs. Mrs. Gilbert-96840.

Mrs. Mrs. Gilbert-96840.Mrs. married Gilbert Neville-96839.

They had the following children:

  M i Gilbert de Neville-96837.

Richard Neville-96841 [Parents].Richard married Mrs. Mrs. Richard-96842.

Mrs. Mrs. Richard-96842.Mrs. married Richard Neville-96841.

They had the following children:

  M i Gilbert Neville-96839.

Walkeline Ferrers-96844 was born in 1136. He died in 1190. He married Goda de Toeni-96845.

Goda de Toeni-96845 [Parents] was born in 1140. She married Walkeline Ferrers-96844.

William de Welle (Welles)-96847 died in 1198. He married Miss. Miss. de Gant-96846.

Miss. Miss. de Gant-96846 [Parents].Miss. married William de Welle (Welles)-96847.

Patrick Hepburn 1st Eal of Bothwell-97997 [Parents] died in 1508. He married Janet Douglas-96848.

Janet Douglas-96848 [Parents] died in 1490. She married Patrick Hepburn 1st Eal of Bothwell-97997.

Other marriages:
Erskine, Thomas Sir; 1st Lord Erskine

They had the following children:

  F i Janet Hepburn-97892.

Thomas Grey Marquess Of Dors-31062 [Parents] was born in 1455 in Of, Groby, Leicestershire, England. He was christened in (37-1492). He died on 20 Sep 1501 in , Astley, Warwickshire, England. He was buried on 20 Sep 1509 in Collegiate Churc, Astley, Warwickshire, England. He married Cecily Bonville Baroness of Hartingdon-97457.

Other marriages:
Bonville, Cecily Baroness Harring
Holand, Anne

Cecily Bonville Baroness of Hartingdon-97457 [Parents] was born in 1461. She died in 1529 in Middlesex, England. She married Thomas Grey Marquess Of Dors-31062.

They had the following children:

  F i Eleanor Grey-97462.
  F ii Cecily Grey-96851 was born in 1497.
  F iii Mary Grey-97463.
  M iv Thomas Grey Sir;2nd Marquess of Dorset-97464 was born in 1477. He died in 1530.

Pons (Pontius) FitzSimon-96853 [Parents] was born in 1100. He married Mrs. Mrs. Pons-96854.

Mrs. Mrs. Pons-96854.Mrs. married Pons (Pontius) FitzSimon-96853.

Simon FitzPons-96855 [Parents] was born in 1068. He died in 1150. He married Mrs. Mrs. Simon-96856.

Mrs. Mrs. Simon-96856.Mrs. married Simon FitzPons-96855.

They had the following children:

  M i Pons (Pontius) FitzSimon-96853 was born in 1100.

Pons FitzPons-96857 [Parents] was born in 1034 in Normandy. He died in 1086. He married Mrs. Mrs. Pons-96858.

Mrs. Mrs. Pons-96858.Mrs. married Pons FitzPons-96857.

They had the following children:

  M i Simon FitzPons-96855 was born in 1068. He died in 1150.

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