Relatives of Bruce Rognan

sir sir Philip Wentworth-74921 [Parents] was born about 1423 in Of, Nettlestead, Suffolk, England. He died on 18 May 1464 in , Wiltshire, England, Great Britain. He was buried on 28 May 1464 in New Sarum Abbey, , Wiltshire, England. He married Mary Clifford-82107 in 1447 in Of, Skelton, Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
Baron, Mary

Mary Clifford-82107 [Parents] was born about 1416 in Of, Appleby, Westmoreland, England. She died on 4 Oct 1478 in Appleby, Westmoreland, England, Great Britain. She was buried in 1478 in Friars Minors, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. She married sir sir Philip Wentworth-74921 in 1447 in Of, Skelton, Yorkshire, England.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Wentworth Baron Despenser-75011 was born about 1450. He died on 1 Aug 1499.
  F ii Margaret Wentworth-74919 was born about 1446. She died on 28 Apr 1479.

Picot de Say-87834.Picot married Agnes Grantmesnil-99199.

Agnes Grantmesnil-99199 [Parents].Agnes married Picot de Say-87834.

They had the following children:

  M i Jordan (Jourdain) de Say-91375.

Adam De Seton Baron Seton-88554 was born about 1190 in Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland. He died in 1249. He married Janet Gifford-95171.

Janet Gifford-95171 was born about 1192 in Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland. She married Adam De Seton Baron Seton-88554.

They had the following children:

  F i Barbara Seton-94988 was born about 1216.
  M ii Christell Seton-95290 was born about 1214.
  M iii Alexander Seton-88909 was born about 1218 in Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland.

Ednywain "Bendew" I Ap Neiniad-83031 was born about 1020 in Of, , Flintshire, Wales. He died after 1079. He married Gwerful Verch Lluddica-87826.

Gwerful Verch Lluddica-87826 [Parents] was born in 980 in Llys y Coed, Cilcain, Flintshire, Wales. She died in 1070. She married Ednywain "Bendew" I Ap Neiniad-83031.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert ap Ednywain-87829 was born in 1046 in Flintshire, Wales, Great Britain.
  M ii Gruffudd ap Ednywain-87830 was born in 1048 in Flintshire, Wales, Great Britain.
  F iii Morwyl Verch Ednywain-84309 was born about 1048.
  M iv Bledrus Ap Ednywain-85676 was born about 1040 in Of, , Flintshire, Wales.
  F v Ceinfryd Verch Ednywain-86089 was born about 1044 in Of, , Flintshire, Wales.

Uchdrud ap Edwin-87824 [Parents] was born in 1040 in Tegeingl, Flintshire, Wales, Great Britain. He married Morwyl Verch Ednywain-84309.

Other marriages:
Llywelyn, Nest Verch

Morwyl Verch Ednywain-84309 [Parents] was born about 1048 in Of Tegaingl, Flintshire, Wales. She married Uchdrud ap Edwin-87824.

Other marriages:
Edwin, Owain Ap

James Douglas 2 Earl of Douglas-84266 [Parents] was born about 1355/1369 in Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died on 14 Aug 1388 in Battle Of Otterburn, Berwickshire, Scotland. He was buried on 18 Aug 1388 in , Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Other marriages:
Stewart, Isabella 1 wife

He had the following children:

  M i Archibald Douglas Sheriff Teviotdale, illeget.-75376 was born about 1380. He died about 1435.
  F ii Jean douglas-87240 was born about 1372.
  M iii William Douglas Knight-84334 was born about 1374. He died about 1421.

Raoul VIII, VI de Beaumont-89668 [Parents] was born about 1189. He died about 1235. He married Miss. Agnes-89667.

Miss. Agnes-89667.Miss. married Raoul VIII, VI de Beaumont-89668.

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes De Beaumont-69468 was born about 1250. She died on 9 May 1301.

John Jason Lee Buck-54157 [Parents].John married kelly Jean Mcalister-79191.

kelly Jean Mcalister-79191.kelly married John Jason Lee Buck-54157.

Priam II Troy King of Troy-77370 [Parents] was born in 965 BC in Troy, Turkey. He married Mrs. Mrs. Priam II-87815.

Other marriages:
Priam II, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Priam II-87815.Mrs. married Priam II Troy King of Troy-77370.

They had the following children:

  M i Helenus II Troy King of Troy-77387 was born in 935 BC.

Ehrenfried (Eberhard) von Bonngau Count-80468 [Parents] was born about 882. He died in 913. He married Richwara de Boulogne-90134.

Other marriages:
de Boulogne, Richwara

Richwara de Boulogne-90134 died in 963. She married Ehrenfried (Eberhard) von Bonngau Count-80468.

They had the following children:

  M i Adolf von Deutz-89767.
  M ii Herman I "The Little""The Small" von Bonngau Count Palatine-77363 was born in 929.

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