Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Nicholas Loftus-38057 [Parents] was born on 1 Feb 1592 in of Fethard, Wexford, , Ireland. He died in 1666. He married Margaret Chetham-70093 on 28 May 1623.

Margaret Chetham-70093.Margaret married Nicholas Loftus-38057 on 28 May 1623.

Mr. Mr. Duncan Prince of Scotland-88510 was born about 1007. He married Ellen Sigurdsdatter-95787.

Ellen Sigurdsdatter-95787 [Parents] was born in 1007 in Orkney, Scotland. She married Mr. Mr. Duncan Prince of Scotland-88510.

Anyn de Siluria-88574 [Parents].Anyn married Mrs. Mrs. de Siluria-94426.

Mrs. Mrs. de Siluria-94426.Mrs. married Anyn de Siluria-88574.

They had the following children:

  M i Dingad de Siluria-88503.

Godfred 'crovan' Man King of Man & Dublin & Isles-88458 was born in 1050 in Isle of Man. He died about 1095 in Islay. He married Maria (Ragnhild) Haroldsdotter-94218 about 1079.

Maria (Ragnhild) Haroldsdotter-94218 [Parents] was born about 1050. She married Godfred 'crovan' Man King of Man & Dublin & Isles-88458 about 1079.

They had the following children:

  M i Olave I Bitling King Of-18373 was born about 1080. He died after 1153.

Leopold "The Strong" Steyr Margrave of Steyr-88457 was born about 1103. He married Sofie Princess of Bavaria-36923 about 1123.

Sofie Princess of Bavaria-36923 [Parents] was born about 1103 in of,Muenchen,Oberbayern,Bavaria. She died on 11 Jul 1145. She married Leopold "The Strong" Steyr Margrave of Steyr-88457 about 1123.

Other marriages:
Zahringen, Berthold III Duke Of

Gautier I Aussay-94356 was born in 975. He died in 1020.

He had the following children:

  M i Gautier II Aussay-87786 died in 1046.

Gilbert Curwen Ld of Workington-38464 [Parents].Gilbert married Alice Lowther-36365.

Alice Lowther-36365.Alice married Gilbert Curwen Ld of Workington-38464.

They had the following children:

  M i William Curwen Ld of Workington-85657.

Agnes Imperial Princess Holy Roman Empir [Duchess Of Fran-56739 [Parents] was born in 1072 in Of, Klosterneuburg, Niederoesterreic, Austria. She died on 24 Sep 1143 in Oostenrijk. She was buried in het klooster Klosterneunburg te Lorch. She was married about 1106 in of, Klosterneuburg, Niederoesterreic, Austria.

Other marriages:
Hohenstauffen, Friedrich I Count [Duke Of Swabia
Austria, Leopold III "The

She had the following children:

  F i Gertrud (Gertrude) von Supplinburg (Desupplinbourg) Saxony-88480 was born on 23 Feb 1119. She died on 4 Aug 1150.
  F ii Juette Princess Of Austria-11641 was born about 1115. She died after 18 Oct 1168.

Philipp Hinterlechner-100392 [Parents].Philipp married Maria Elisabeth Pollack-76564.

Maria Elisabeth Pollack-76564 [Parents].Maria married Philipp Hinterlechner-100392.

They had the following children:

  F i Theresia Hinterlechner-85788.

Raymond I de Turenne-96955 [Parents] was born in 1080. He died in 1137. He married Matilda de La Perche-96956.

Matilda de La Perche-96956 [Parents] was born in 1105. She died in 1143. She married Raymond I de Turenne-96955.

They had the following children:

  F i Marguerite de Turenne Countess of Turenne;3rd Wife-77697 was born about 1134. She died in 1201.
  M ii Boson II de Turenne-98232 died in 1143.

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