Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Mr. Mr. Ivar Hvide-95822 [Parents] was born about 999 in of, , Opland, Norway. He married Mrs. Mrs. Hvide-94900.

Mrs. Mrs. Hvide-94900 was born about 1000. She married Mr. Mr. Ivar Hvide-95822.

Drymbenog ap Maenyrch-95833 was born about 1076. He married Gwladus Verch Rhys-94802.

Gwladus Verch Rhys-94802 [Parents] was born in 1076 in Carmarthenshire, Wales. She married Drymbenog ap Maenyrch-95833.

Magnus I (The Good) Olafsson King of Norway-95826 [Parents] was born in 1024 in Norway. He died on 25 Oct 1047. He married Mrs. Mrs. Olafsson-95835.

Mrs. Mrs. Olafsson-95835 was born in 1002 in Norway. She married Magnus I (The Good) Olafsson King of Norway-95826.

Almaric Despencer-54236 [Parents] was born about 1150 in Of, Ryhale, Rutlandshire, Or Of, Stanley, Gloucestershire, England. He died after 1189. He married Amabel (Maud) De Chesney-76528.

Other marriages:
Bluet, Alda

Amabel (Maud) De Chesney-76528.Amabel married Almaric Despencer-54236.

Ansaud de Dijon-91631 [Parents].Ansaud married Miss. Miss. Leutharius-91632.

Miss. Miss. Leutharius-91632 [Parents].Miss. married Ansaud de Dijon-91631.

They had the following children:

  F i Miss Miss Sigrada-95844.

Bodilon de Treves-78051 [Parents] was born about 600 in of Austrasia, France. He married Miss Miss Sigrada-95844.

Other marriages:
Sigrada, Miss

Miss Miss Sigrada-95844 [Parents].Miss married Bodilon de Treves-78051.

They had the following children:

  M i Guerin (Warin,warinus) de Poitiers Count of Poitiers-95613 died in 677.

Fearghal MacDuibhn King of Ireland-94177 [Parents] was born in 725 in Lochowe, Argyll, Scotland. He married Mrs. Mrs. Fearghal-94161 about 759.

Mrs. Mrs. Fearghal-94161 was born about 725. She married Fearghal MacDuibhn King of Ireland-94177 about 759.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Ingjald (The White) Petty King of Ireland-77108 was born in 820.

Mr. Mr. Ouman (Amwedd,Onwedd,Onwydd,Onum) King of Wales-88492 [Parents] was born about 0064 in Wales, Great Britain. He married Mrs. Mrs. Ouman-88493 about 0088.

Mrs. Mrs. Ouman-88493 was born about 0064. She married Mr. Mr. Ouman (Amwedd,Onwedd,Onwydd,Onum) King of Wales-88492 about 0088.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Anguerit (Amwerydd,Enwerydd) King of Wales-88465 was born about 0089.

Walter Ker-92264 [Parents] was born about 1445 in Cessford, scotland. He married Isabel Hay-100754.

Isabel Hay-100754 was born about 1449. She married Walter Ker-92264.

They had the following children:

  M i Walter Ker-87131 was born about 1470.
  F ii Elizabeth Ker-94425 was born about 1474. She died on 19 Oct 1548.
  M iii sir Robert Ker-84970 was born about 1465.

Bleddyn ap Maenyrch-95872 was born about 1004. He married Elen Verch Tewdwr-95014.

Elen Verch Tewdwr-95014 [Parents] was born in 1004 in Carmarthenshire, Wales. She married Bleddyn ap Maenyrch-95872.

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