Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Thorfinn I Rollo (Brico) "Hausakliffer" Einarsson 8th Earl of Orkney;The Skull-Cleaver-95638 [Parents] was born in 890 in Driga, Orkney, Atholl, Perthshire,scotland,great Britain. He died in 977. He was buried in Burial Mound, Hoxa, Ronaldsay, Scotland,great Britain. He married Grelod (Gerlaf,grelauga) Duncansdatter-95643 in 915 in Orkney, Scotland, Great Britain.

Grelod (Gerlaf,grelauga) Duncansdatter-95643 [Parents] was born in 898 in Caithness, Scotland, Great Britain. She married Thorfinn I Rollo (Brico) "Hausakliffer" Einarsson 8th Earl of Orkney;The Skull-Cleaver-95638 in 915 in Orkney, Scotland, Great Britain.

They had the following children:

  M i Hlodver (Lodver) Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney-95570 was born in 921. He was buried in 990.
  M ii Arnfinn Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney-95642 was born in 916.
  M iii Havard (Season-Prosperous) Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney & Caithness-95641 was born in 918.
  M iv Ljot (Liot) Thorfinnsson Earl of Orkney-95640 was born in 920.
  M v Skuli Thorfinnsson Earl of Caithness-95657 was born in 922 in Orkney Islands, Scotland. He died in 980 in Skidamyre, Skidamyre, Caithness, Scotland.
  F vi Miss Miss Thorfinnsdatter-95656 was born in 926 in Orkney Islands, Scotland.
  F vii Miss Miss Thorfinnsdatter-95661 was born in 928 in Orkney Islands, Scotland.
  M viii Ansfred Thorfinnsson-95660 was born in 947 in Orkney Islands, Scotland.

William Sinclair-46933 [Parents] was born about 1408 in Of, , Caithness, Scotland. He died in Mar 1482. He married Margaret Douglas-75643.

Other marriages:
Sutherland, Marjory
Douglas, Elizabeth

Margaret Douglas-75643 [Parents] was born about 1410 in , , , Scotland. She married William Sinclair-46933.

Amauri IV de Montfort-97145 [Parents] died in 1241. He married Béatrix de Viennois Duchess of Burgundy-95686.

Béatrix de Viennois Duchess of Burgundy-95686 [Parents] was born in 1161 in France. She died on 15 Dec 1228 in Château de Vizilles, , France. She was buried in Abbaye de Hayes, , France. She married Amauri IV de Montfort-97145.

Other marriages:
Burgundy, Hugues III, Duke of

Guiges Dauphin V de Viennois-97083 [Parents] was born in 1120. He died in 1162. He married Beatrix di Montferrat-97084.

Beatrix di Montferrat-97084 [Parents].Beatrix married Guiges Dauphin V de Viennois-97083.

They had the following children:

  F i Béatrix de Viennois Duchess of Burgundy-95686 was born in 1161. She died on 15 Dec 1228.

William Hocton-94739 [Parents] was born in 1110 in Lancashire, England. He died in Lancashire, England. He was buried in Lancashire, England. He married Mrs. Mrs. Favarr Widow-95688 about 1140 in Lancashire, England.

Mrs. Mrs. Favarr Widow-95688 was born in 1114 in Lancashire, England. She died in Lancashire, England. She was buried in Lancashire, England. She married William Hocton-94739 about 1140 in Lancashire, England.

They had the following children:

  M i Adam Hocton-94533 was born in 1141. He died in 1189/1192.

William FitzGerald de Windsor-94716 [Parents] was born in 1100 in Carew Castle, Pembroke, Wales, Great Britain. He died in 1173. He married Maria Montgomery-95695.

Maria Montgomery-95695 was born about 1100. She married William FitzGerald de Windsor-94716.

William Le Gras (Grace)-94593 [Parents] was born about 1096 in Kilkenny, Ireland. He married Catherine Kingsley-95689.

Catherine Kingsley-95689 was born about 1096. She married William Le Gras (Grace)-94593.

James Baxter Smith-28934 [Parents] was born in 1852. He married Hawkins-38331.

Hawkins-38331. married James Baxter Smith-28934.

Thomas FitzMaurice-94576 [Parents] was born about 1176 in of, , , Wales. He married Mrs. Mrs. Sabine FitzMaurice-95693.

Mrs. Mrs. Sabine FitzMaurice-95693 was born about 1176. She married Thomas FitzMaurice-94576.

William FitzMaurice-94561 [Parents] was born in 1172 in Wales. He married Aline de Clare-95694.

Aline de Clare-95694 was born about 1172. She married William FitzMaurice-94561.

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