Relatives of Bruce Rognan

George Crawford Sir-93882 was born about 1570 in of Lifnorris, Scotland. He married Mary Stuart-93883 about 1599 in Scotland.

Mary Stuart-93883 [Parents] was born about 1575 in Scotland. She married George Crawford Sir-93882 about 1599 in Scotland.

WC Little-51950.WC married Sarah Ann Pitney Watkins-86488.

Sarah Ann Pitney Watkins-86488 [Parents] was born on 10 Jul 1842 in Mendham, Morris, NJ. She married WC Little-51950.

Ptolemy Xii Egypt Pharaoh-89975 [Parents] died in 0051 BC. He married Cleopatra V Tryphaena-90696.

Cleopatra V Tryphaena-90696 [Parents] died in 0068 BC. She married Ptolemy Xii Egypt Pharaoh-89975.

Other marriages:
Gryphus, Antiochus VIII Philometer King of Syria;Grypos

They had the following children:

  F i Miss Miss Cleopatria VII Queen of Egypt-78688 was born in 0069 BC. She died in 0030 BC.
  F ii Berenice IV Egypt-97233.

Henry Methven Lord-93898.Henry married Catherine Stewart-93899.

Catherine Stewart-93899 [Parents].Catherine married Henry Methven Lord-93898.

Henry Stuart-93904 [Parents] was born about 1560. He married Mrs. Mrs. Stewart-93903.

Mrs. Mrs. Stewart-93903.Mrs. married Henry Stuart-93904.

They had the following children:

  M i William Stewart-93902 was born about 1580.
  F ii Catherine Stewart-93899.
  F iii Barbara Stewart-93897.

Mr. Mr. Colin 6th Earl of Argyle-93921 was born about 1555 in Scotland. He married Johanna Stewart-93923.

Johanna Stewart-93923 [Parents] was born about 1555 in Scotland. She married Mr. Mr. Colin 6th Earl of Argyle-93921.

Henry Stewart 2nd Lord Methven-93922 [Parents] was born about 1554 in Scotland. He married Mrs. Mrs. Stewart-93919.

Mrs. Mrs. Stewart-93919.Mrs. married Henry Stewart 2nd Lord Methven-93922.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Stewart 3rd Lord Methven-93918.

Mr. Mr. Ethan (Ith)-92740 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Ethan-92739.

Mrs. Mrs. Ethan-92739.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Ethan (Ith)-92740.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Lugaidh (Laghaldh)-93926.

Alexander Stewart 6th Earl of Menteith-93917 [Parents] was born about 1235. He died in 1300. He married Miss. Miss. Maud-93931 about 1283.

Miss. Miss. Maud-93931 was born about 1239. She married Alexander Stewart 6th Earl of Menteith-93917 about 1283.

Patrick Barclay Fiar of Towie-93945 [Parents] was born in 1579 in Towie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He married Anna Drummond-93944 about 1599 in Scotland.

Anna Drummond-93944 was born in 1583 in Drummond, Perthsire, Scotland. She married Patrick Barclay Fiar of Towie-93945 about 1599 in Scotland.

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