Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Yurij I "Dolgorukij" of Kiev-56802 [Parents] was born about 1091 in of, Suzdal, Vladimir, Russia. He died . He married Agneja Polowezki-98302.

Other marriages:
Kumans, Anna Aepovna Princess of The Kumans
Comnenus, Elena Princess of The Byzantine Empire

Agneja Polowezki-98302 was born in 1092. She died in 1124. She married Yurij I "Dolgorukij" of Kiev-56802.

They had the following children:

  M i Iwan Kurski Prince-98301 was born in 1116. He died in 1147.

Mr. Mr. Gordiani-92786.Mr. married Miss Miss Claudia-92785.

Miss Miss Claudia-92785 [Parents].Miss married Mr. Mr. Gordiani-92786.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Gordiani Jr.-79026 was born about 200.

Matthew Campbell Knight-92284 was born about 1525 in Loudon, Ayr, Scotland. He died on 21 May 1593. He married Isabell Drummond-92283 in 1567 in Scotland.

Isabell Drummond-92283 [Parents] was born about 1531 in of, Innerpeffray, Crief, Perthshire, Scotland. She married Matthew Campbell Knight-92284 in 1567 in Scotland.

They had the following children:

  F i Margaret Campbell Baroness-92439 was born about 1550.
  F ii Isabel Campbell-92282 was born in 1568.

William Yeo-92629 was born about 1444. He married Ellin Grenville-92670.

Ellin Grenville-92670 [Parents] was born about 1450 in of, , Cornwall, England. She married William Yeo-92629.

Vincent Beverly-92360 [Parents] was born in 1570 in Great Smeaton, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1634. He married Mary Twisleton-92234 in 1590 in England.

Mary Twisleton-92234 was born about 1571 in England. She married Vincent Beverly-92360 in 1590 in England.

Gilbert Malet-92546 [Parents] was born in 1064 in Mercia, England, Great Britain. He died in 1156 in Suffolk, England, Great Britain. He married Miss. Miss. de Corcelle-92548 in 1060 in , Lincoln, England, Great Britain.

Miss. Miss. de Corcelle-92548 was born in 1072 in Mercia, England, Great Britain. She married Gilbert Malet-92546 in 1060 in , Lincoln, England, Great Britain.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Malet Baron of Malet & Curry-92545 was born in 1094. He died in 1155.

Ralph Creyke-92374 [Parents] was born in 1540 in Morton, East Riding, Yorkshire, England. He married Catherine Crathorne-92372 about 1575 in England.

Catherine Crathorne-92372 was born about 1550 in , , England. She died on 6 May 1605. She married Ralph Creyke-92374 about 1575 in England.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Creyke-92414 was born in 1576.

Hugh Poyntz-96852 died in 1218. He married Juliana Bardolf-54218.

Juliana Bardolf-54218 [Parents] was born about 1168 in Of, Tockington, Gloucestershire, England. She married Hugh Poyntz-96852.

Other marriages:
Poyntz, Nicholas

Francis Of Huntingdon Hastings Earl-31022 [Parents] was born in 1514 in Ashby, Leicestershire, England, Gb. He died on 25 Jan 1569 in Ashby, , Leicester, England. He was buried on 23 Jun 1560 in Ashby de La, Zouch, England. He married Katherine Pole-99072.

Other marriages:
Pole, C. Countess Of Countess Of Hunt

Katherine Pole-99072 [Parents] was born in 1511. She died in 1576. She married Francis Of Huntingdon Hastings Earl-31022.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Hastings-99071 was born in 1546. She died in 1621.

Nithgard Franks-79608 [Parents] was born about 745. He married Miss. Miss. Richarde-91215.

Other marriages:
Richarde, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Richarde-91215.Miss. married Nithgard Franks-79608.

They had the following children:

  M i Angilbert "The Saint"-3510 was born in 770.

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