Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Lietaud Marle Sir-79182 [Parents] was born about 990 in of Marle. He married Mrs. Mrs. Lietaud-91766.

Other marriages:
Lietaud, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Lietaud-91766.Mrs. married Lietaud Marle Sir-79182.

They had the following children:

  M i Lietaud Marle Sir-91765.

Thomas Lusher-91795.Thomas married Anne Copley-91804.

Anne Copley-91804 [Parents] was born in 1479 in Leigh Place-Gatton, Surrey, England, Great Britain. She died on 7 Aug 1535. She married Thomas Lusher-91795.

Other marriages:
Lusher, William M.
Sambourne, William

She had the following children:

  M i Geoffrey II Plantagenet Prince of England; Duke of Brittany;-48331 was born on 23 Sep 1158. He died on 19 Aug 1186.
  M ii John "Lackland" King England-18361 was born on 24 Dec 1166. He died on 19 Oct 1216.

Thomas De PiPE-75129 was born about 1280. He married Margaret Bassett-32829.

Margaret Bassett-32829 [Parents] was born about 1280 in Drayton, England. She died on 17 Mar 1336/1337. She married Thomas De PiPE-75129.

Other marriages:
Stafford, Edmund de Baron of Staffrd

They had the following children:

  F i Margaret Pipe-84515 was born about 1300. She died in 1352.

Eli Beauchamp-92153 [Parents] was born in 1030 in Bolobec, Normandy, France, France. He married Constance Giffard-92154.

Constance Giffard-92154 was born about 1032 in Bolobec, Normandy, France, France. She married Eli Beauchamp-92153.

Dugald Campbell Knight-92228 was born in 1574 in Auchenbreck, Argyll, Scotland. He died in 1641. He married Isabel Boyd-92429 in 1605 in Blair, Ayr, Scotland.

Isabel Boyd-92429 [Parents] was born in 1577 in of Blair, Ayr, Sctl, Scotland. She married Dugald Campbell Knight-92228 in 1605 in Blair, Ayr, Scotland.

Other marriages:
Blair, John

John Devereux Baron Devereux-87287 [Parents] was born in 1302 in Of, Bodenham, Hereford, England. He died on 22 Feb 1392/1393. He was buried in 1393 in Grey Friars, London, Middlesex, England. He married Margaret De Vere Baroness Beaumont-86868 about 1375 in Of Hereford, Herefordshire, England.

Margaret De Vere Baroness Beaumont-86868 [Parents] was born about 1341 in Of Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. She died on 15 Jun 1398 in Grey Friars, London, Middlesex, England. She was buried in Grey Friars, Newgate, , England. She married John Devereux Baron Devereux-87287 about 1375 in Of Hereford, Herefordshire, England.

Other marriages:
Beaumont, Henry Baron Beaumont
LOuVAIN, sir Nicholas De

Robert Holsam-91810.Robert married Jane Camoys-91814.

Jane Camoys-91814 [Parents] was born in 1410 in Broadwater, Sussex, England, Great Britain. She married Robert Holsam-91810.

Other marriages:
Tregose, Robert

John Guildford Sir Knight-91799.John married Dorothy Copley-91807.

Dorothy Copley-91807 [Parents] was born in 1470 in Leigh Place-Gatton, Surrey, England. She married John Guildford Sir Knight-91799.

Tudur (Trefor) ap Ynyr-87439 was born in 918 in Denbighshire, Wales, Great Britain. He died in 948. He married Angharad Verch Hywel-87440.

Angharad Verch Hywel-87440 [Parents] was born about 920 in of Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales. She married Tudur (Trefor) ap Ynyr-87439.

They had the following children:

  M i Lluddica ap Tudur-87696 was born in 930. He died in 1037.
  M ii Gronwy ap Tudur-87363 was born in 940.
  M iii Dingad ap Tudur-87362 was born in 946.

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