Relatives of Bruce Rognan

John Stewart Earl of Atholl-92932 [Parents] was born in 1530 in Athole, Perth, Scotland. He died on 24 Apr 1579 in Kincardine Castle-near Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland. He was buried in May 1579 in St. Giles-Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Gordon-92933.

Other marriages:
Fleming, Margaret

Elizabeth Gordon-92933 was born in 1530 in Dunottar, Kincardine, Scotland, Great Britain. She died in Belvany, , Scotland, Great Britain. She married John Stewart Earl of Atholl-92932.

Miles Pool-28489 [Parents] was born in 1789 in , Mecklenburg, Va. He died on 13 Sep 1874. He was buried in Knob Creek Me Ch, Belwood, Cleveland, Nc. He married Mary Wilson-88710 on 6 Jan 1820.

Mary Wilson-88710 was born about 1790. She died on 18 Dec 1870. She married Miles Pool-28489 on 6 Jan 1820.

Capps (Capys,capis,kapys) Dardanian King of Dardanum-88359 [Parents] was born in Dardanum. He married Themis (Themiste) Troy Princess of Troy; Queen of Dardanum-88354.

Themis (Themiste) Troy Princess of Troy; Queen of Dardanum-88354 [Parents] was born in Dardanum. She married Capps (Capys,capis,kapys) Dardanian King of Dardanum-88359.

They had the following children:

  M i Anchyses (Anchisa,anchises) Dardanum Prince of Dardanum-78219 was born about 1125 BC.

Sru (Sruth) Scythia King of Scythia-88443 [Parents].Sru married Mrs. Mrs. Sru-88134.

Mrs. Mrs. Sru-88134.Mrs. married Sru (Sruth) Scythia King of Scythia-88443.

They had the following children:

  M i Heber (Eimhir) Scot (Scutt) King of Scythia-95174.

Gilbert (Gillbride) Angus 2nd Earl of Angus-94119 was born in 1118 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. He died in 1187 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. He married Miss. Miss. de Dunbar-94121 about 1153.

Miss. Miss. de Dunbar-94121 [Parents] was born in 1124 in Northumberland, England. She married Gilbert (Gillbride) Angus 2nd Earl of Angus-94119 about 1153.

Trygils Angles-91713 [Parents].Trygils married Mrs. Mrs. Trygils-91712.

Mrs. Mrs. Trygils-91712.Mrs. married Trygils Angles-91713.

They had the following children:

  M i Hrothmund Angles-91715.

John Goddard-96677.John married Eliszabeth Fettiplace-91753.

Eliszabeth Fettiplace-91753 [Parents] was born in 1524 in of Shefford, Berks, Engl. She died on 23 Oct 1584/1585. She married John Goddard-96677.

Raol I (Raoul) de Cambrai Count of Valois d'Amiens-79188 [Parents] was born about 881. He died about 944. He married Miss. Miss. Aleidis-98272.

Other marriages:
Aleidis, Miss.
de Meulan, Liegard
de Meulan, Liegard

Miss. Miss. Aleidis-98272 died in 939. She married Raol I (Raoul) de Cambrai Count of Valois d'Amiens-79188.

They had the following children:

  M i Geoffrey I de Bourges Vicount-98273.

Richard Conyers-92031 was born about 1461. He married Catherine Bowes-92032 about 1480.

Catherine Bowes-92032 [Parents] was born about 1460. She married Richard Conyers-92031 about 1480.

sir sir William baliol-83866 [Parents] was born about 1295 in Stoprig, hoprig, and Lamington, East Lothian, Scotland. He married helen wallace heiress-75548.

helen wallace heiress-75548 was born about 1296 in lamington and elderslie. She married sir sir William baliol-83866.

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