Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Patrick Panter King's Secretary-92200 was born about 1470 in Scotland. He married Margaret Crichton Countess of Rothes-92263 in Not Married. The marriage ended in divorce.

Margaret Crichton Countess of Rothes-92263 [Parents] was born about 1480 in of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland. She died before 8 Feb 1546. She married Patrick Panter King's Secretary-92200 in Not Married. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Todrik, William Edinburghburgess
Halkerston, George Edinburghburgess
Leslie, George 4 E Rothes

Mungo Stormont Viscount Stormont-93629 was born in 1600 in Scotland. He married Ann Wemyss Viscountess of Stormont-93658 about 18 Oct 1639 in Scotland.

Ann Wemyss Viscountess of Stormont-93658 [Parents] was born about 1614 in of, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland. She died on 20 Sep 1643 in , Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland. She married Mungo Stormont Viscount Stormont-93629 about 18 Oct 1639 in Scotland.

Other marriages:
Lindsay, Alexander (Younger)

Reginald de Braose-54022 [Parents] was born about 1182 in Of, Bramber, Sussex, England. He died in 1227/1228. He was buried in Priory Church, Brecon, Breconshire, Wales. He married Grace Briwere-81908.

Other marriages:
Verch Llewelyn, Gladys "Ddu" "Fawr"

Grace Briwere-81908 was born about 1185. She married Reginald de Braose-54022.

Amadeus Burgundy Count-80763 [Parents] was born about 799. He died about 827. He married Mrs. Mrs. Amadeus-89646.

Other marriages:
Amadeus, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Amadeus-89646.Mrs. married Amadeus Burgundy Count-80763.

They had the following children:

  M i Anscar (Anscarius) II Ivrea-80765 died about 894.
  F ii Miss. Miss. de Bourgogne-91464.

Walter stewart high steward-83102 [Parents] was born in 1292/1293 in Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died on 9 Apr 1326 in Bathgate Castle, Bathgate, West-Lothian, Scotland. He was buried in Paisley, , Scotland. He married Marjorie Bruce-75523 on 2 Mar 1314/1315 in , , , Scotland.

Other marriages:
Graham, Isabel De
Erskine, Alice

Marjorie Bruce-75523 [Parents] was born about 1297 in Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died on 2 Mar 1315/1316 in , , , Scotland. She married Walter stewart high steward-83102 on 2 Mar 1314/1315 in , , , Scotland.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert II Of Scotland King-82468 was born on 2 Mar 1316. He died on 19 Apr 1390.

Mr. Mr. Ebiud-96002 [Parents] was born in 402 in Wales, Great Britain. He married Mrs. Mrs. Ebiud-88056.

Mrs. Mrs. Ebiud-88056 was born about 402. She married Mr. Mr. Ebiud-96002.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Ytector-95996 was born in 418.

Richard Talbot-88378 was born in 1180 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England, Great Britain. He died in 1231. He married Aliva Bassett-54199 about 1226.

Aliva Bassett-54199 [Parents] was born about 1186 in Of, Wycombe, Buckshire, England. She married Richard Talbot-88378 about 1226.

William Scargill-92041.William married Dorothy Conyers-43963.

Dorothy Conyers-43963 [Parents] was born about 1485. She married William Scargill-92041.

Other marriages:
Flower, Roger VI

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes Scargill-92040.

Rev. I. H. Brayton-98555 was born in of San Francisco, California ?. He married Mary E. Pitney-91620 on 20 Sep 1854.

Mary E. Pitney-91620 [Parents] was born in 1836/1837 in New Jersey. She died in 1883/1884 in Italy. She married Rev. I. H. Brayton-98555 on 20 Sep 1854.

Thierry I Autun (Autunois) Count-79421 [Parents] was born about 799. He died about 881. He married Miss. Miss. de Bourgogne-91464.

Other marriages:
de Bourgogne, Miss.

Miss. Miss. de Bourgogne-91464 [Parents].Miss. married Thierry I Autun (Autunois) Count-79421.

They had the following children:

  M i Thierry II Chaunois-91463 died about 885.
  M ii Richard Autun-81225 was born in 867. He died in 921.

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