Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William Mauduit-55106 [Parents] was born about 1220 in Of, Hanslop, Buchinghamshire, England. He died on 8 Jan 1268. He married Alice (Alicide) Chaucombe-77858.

Other marriages:
Seagrave, Alice De

Alice (Alicide) Chaucombe-77858.Alice married William Mauduit-55106.

Henry Whiting Colonel-92252.Henry married Anne Beverley-92418.

Anne Beverley-92418 [Parents] was born about 1689 in Jamestown, Middlesex, Virginia. She married Henry Whiting Colonel-92252.

Alberich Nordgau-79541 [Parents] was born about 698. He died about 735. He married Mrs. Mrs. Alberich-91292.

Other marriages:
Alberich, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Alberich-91292.Mrs. married Alberich Nordgau-79541.

They had the following children:

  M i Eberhard I Nordgau-79539 was born about 730. He died about 777.

Nathan Ukba-86998 [Parents].Nathan married Mrs. Mrs. Nathan-87030.

Mrs. Mrs. Nathan-87030.Mrs. married Nathan Ukba-86998.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Nehemiah-87001.

Friedrich II Hohenstaufen [Duke of Swabia] [Duke of Swabia]-38645 [Parents] was born in 1090 in Hohenstaufen,Swaben,Bavaria. He died on 6 Apr 1147 in Alzey. He was buried in het Benedictijnerklooster Sankt Walburg te Hagenau (Elzas). He was married in 1135.

Other marriages:
Bavaria, Judith , Princess of
Sponheim, Mathilde van
Saarbrucken, Agnes Countess Of

He had the following children:

  F i Miss. Judith van Hohenstaufen-56749 was born in 1135. She died on 7 Jul 1191.

William III (Wilhelm) von Weimar Count-91262 [Parents] died about 1039. He married Oda, Princess Of Lausatia-13119.

Oda, Princess Of Lausatia-13119 was born about 1017 in <Of, Meissen, Dresden, Saxony>. She married William III (Wilhelm) von Weimar Count-91262.

Other marriages:
Ostmark, Dedi II, Margrave
von Weimar, William III (Wilhelm) Count

They had the following children:

  F i Miss. Miss. von Weimar-91258 was born about 1039.
  M ii Wilhelm VI von Weimar-97727 died in 1062.

Robert Douglas-99101.Robert married Margaret Hay-99102.

Margaret Hay-99102 [Parents].Margaret married Robert Douglas-99101.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Douglas-92199.

George Saint Quintin-92215 was born about 1548 in England. He married Agnes Creyke-92277 in of, Harpham, Yorkshire, England.

Agnes Creyke-92277 [Parents] was born about 1548 in of, , , England. She married George Saint Quintin-92215 in of, Harpham, Yorkshire, England.

Domangart MacAedan-98666 [Parents].Domangart married Mrs. Mrs. Domangart-98667.

Mrs. Mrs. Domangart-98667.Mrs. married Domangart MacAedan-98666.

They had the following children:

  F i Gwenwenin Ingen Domangart-86679 was born in 575.

Hervey FitzAkaris de Ravensworth-91415 [Parents] was born in 1120. He died in 1182. He married Mrs. Mrs. Hervey-91414.

Mrs. Mrs. Hervey-91414.Mrs. married Hervey FitzAkaris de Ravensworth-91415.

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