Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Bartholomew Hampden-84704 was born about 1210 in Of, Hampden, Buckinghamshire, England>. He married Miss Miss De Fiennes-94574 about 1190 in Of, Buckinghamshire, England.

Other marriages:
Fiennes, Miss De
Fiennes, Michel De

Miss Miss De Fiennes-94574 [Parents] was born about 1204 in Of Tolleshunt, Essex, England. She married Bartholomew Hampden-84704 about 1190 in Of, Buckinghamshire, England.

Gillecomgain MacRory Earl of Moray-98833 died in 1032. He married Miss. Miss. Gruoch Lady MacBeth of Moray-92970.

Miss. Miss. Gruoch Lady MacBeth of Moray-92970 [Parents] was born about 1005. She married Gillecomgain MacRory Earl of Moray-98833.

Other marriages:
Scotland, Macbeth King Of

They had the following children:

  M i Lulach "The Fool" Scots King-98832 was born in 1032. He died in 1058.

James White-92247.James married Abigail Beverly-92308 before 1690.

Abigail Beverly-92308 [Parents] was born about 1667 in of Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. She married James White-92247 before 1690.

John Saint Clare-85651 [Parents] was born about 1240. He married Nichole De Camville-95307.

Nichole De Camville-95307 [Parents] was born about 1242. She married John Saint Clare-85651.

They had the following children:

  M i John Saint Clare-86687 was born about 1265.
  M ii sir sir Robert sinclair-75270 was born about 1265.

Godepert Lombards King-90984 [Parents] died about 662. He married Mrs. Mrs. Godepert-90983.

Mrs. Mrs. Godepert-90983.Mrs. married Godepert Lombards King-90984.

They had the following children:

  M i Reginpert Turin Duke-90982.

Valentinien I Rome-79681 [Parents] was born about 320. He died about 375. He married Miss. Miss. Justine (Junsinia)-91120.

Other marriages:
Justine (Junsinia), Miss.

Miss. Miss. Justine (Junsinia)-91120.Miss. married Valentinien I Rome-79681.

They had the following children:

  F i Galla Valentiniana-91122.

Mallobaudes Des Francs Ripuaires-79689 [Parents] was born about 320. He died about 378. He married Miss. Miss. Mallobaudes-91112.

Other marriages:
Mallobaudes, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Mallobaudes-91112.Miss. married Mallobaudes Des Francs Ripuaires-79689.

They had the following children:

  F i Miss. Miss. Mallobaudes-91114.
  M ii Richomer Des Francs Ripuaires-81826 was born in 350. He died in 384.

Walter Buchanan-83567 was born about 1450 in of that ilk. He married Graham-85210.

Graham-85210 [Parents] was born about 1460. She married Walter Buchanan-83567.

Andrew Ker Sir-93968 was born about 1540 in Fawdonside, Scotland. He married Margaret Stewart Lady-87745 about 1560 in Scotland.

Margaret Stewart Lady-87745 [Parents] was born in 1546 in Ochiltree, Ayr, Scotland. She married Andrew Ker Sir-93968 about 1560 in Scotland.

Other marriages:
Knox, John (The Reformer)

Vladimir Yaroslavich, Duke Of Galich-53921 [Parents] was born in 1151 in of, Galich, Stanislav, Ukraine. He died about 1199. He married Mrs. Mrs. Vladmir Duchess of Galich-92321.

Other marriages:
Kiev And Chernigov, Boleslava Svyatoslavna, Princess Of

Mrs. Mrs. Vladmir Duchess of Galich-92321.Mrs. married Vladimir Yaroslavich, Duke Of Galich-53921.

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