Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Thomas Chaworth-77277 [Parents] was born about 1310 in Of, Wiverton, Nottinghamshire, England. He died about 1371. He married Jane (Joanna) Luttrell-86601 about 1330.

Jane (Joanna) Luttrell-86601 [Parents] was born about 1312 in Of, Wiverton, Nottinghamshire, England. She married Thomas Chaworth-77277 about 1330.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Chaworth-82548 was born about 1331. He died on 13 Jun 1373.

William (Richard) Le Belward-91400 was born about 1120. He married Letitia FitzHugh-91401.

Letitia FitzHugh-91401 [Parents] was born about 1123. She married William (Richard) Le Belward-91400.

They had the following children:

  M i Peter Le Clerc-91399 was born about 1145.

Herluin (Herlouin) I de Ponthieu Governor of Ponthieu-78536 [Parents] was born in 854 in Ponthieu, Ain, France, France. He married Miss. Miss. Helisinde-87259 in Ain, France, France.

Other marriages:
Helisinde, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Helisinde-87259.Miss. married Herluin (Herlouin) I de Ponthieu Governor of Ponthieu-78536 in Ain, France, France.

They had the following children:

  M i Heligaud II de Montreuil Governor of Ponthieu-78600 was born in 875. He died in 926.

Louis Ephraim Stradling-101337 [Parents].Louis married Eleanor Nichols-101359.

Eleanor Nichols-101359.Eleanor married Louis Ephraim Stradling-101337.

Peter Le Clerc-91399 [Parents] was born about 1145. He married Mrs. Mrs. Peter-91398.

Mrs. Mrs. Peter-91398.Mrs. married Peter Le Clerc-91399.

They had the following children:

  M i Randal de Thornton-91397 was born about 1163.

Thomas Carr Minor-38430.Thomas married Mary Dabney-100727 on 10 Mar 1763.

Mary Dabney-100727 [Parents] was born on 14 Sep 1742 in , Albermarle, VA. She died on 31 Oct 1818. She married Thomas Carr Minor-38430 on 10 Mar 1763.

Gui Guise Sir-91376.Gui married Adelaide (Adaline,Helvide) de Montmorency-91377.

Adelaide (Adaline,Helvide) de Montmorency-91377 [Parents].Adelaide married Gui Guise Sir-91376.

Godigiselus Vandals King-91140 [Parents] died about 406. He married Miss. Miss. Frilla (Elisa,flora)-91139.

Miss. Miss. Frilla (Elisa,flora)-91139.Miss. married Godigiselus Vandals King-91140.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Gelimer-91144.
  M ii Gaiseric Vandals King-79664 was born about 400. He died about 477.

John Lewknor-91818 was born in 1395 in Broadhurst-Horsted Keynes, Sussex, England. He married Johanna Halsham-91811 in , Sussex, England.

Johanna Halsham-91811 [Parents] was born in 1420 in Sessex, England. She married John Lewknor-91818 in , Sussex, England.

They had the following children:

  F i Sybilla Lewknor-96400 was born in 1460. She died in 1528.

Robert Beverley-92402 [Parents] was born in 1641 in Beverley, Yorkshire, England. He was christened on 5 Jan 1643/1645 in St. Mary Lowgate, Hull, Yorkshire, England. He died on 15 Mar 1687 in Jamestown, Middlesex, Virginia. He was buried on 19 Mar 1687 in Jamestown, Middlesex, Virginia. He married Mary Keeble-92251 in Apr 1666.

Other marriages:
Elizabeth, Miss.
Boyd, Margaret
Armistead, Catherine

Mary Keeble-92251 was born about 1642 in England. She married Robert Beverley-92402 in Apr 1666.

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