Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Artaxerxes I Persia Shah-79881 [Parents] was born about 500 BC. He died about 424 BC. He married Miss. Miss. Kosmartydene-90780.

Other marriages:
Kosmartydene, Miss.
Damaspia, Miss.
Babylon, Andia (Andria) Heiress of Babylon
Damaspia, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Kosmartydene-90780.Miss. married Artaxerxes I Persia Shah-79881.

Eyvind Lambe Karesson-22919 was born about 835 in Berda Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

Other marriages:
Haakonsdatter, Ingebjorg

He had the following children:

  M i Finn "Skjalge" Eyvindsson-92387 was born about 878.

Nibelung III de Madrie Count-91198 [Parents] died in 818. He married Mrs. Mrs. Nibelung-91197.

Mrs. Mrs. Nibelung-91197.Mrs. married Nibelung III de Madrie Count-91198.

They had the following children:

  M i Theoderic de Madrie Count-79628 was born about 800.

Nabonidus Babylon Emperor-90774 died about 539 BC. He married Miss. Miss. Neitaqert (Nitocris)-90773.

Miss. Miss. Neitaqert (Nitocris)-90773 [Parents].Miss. married Nabonidus Babylon Emperor-90774.

They had the following children:

  M i Nidintu-Bell Babylon Prince-90776.

Andrew Stuart (Black Andrew) Sir; 3rd Lord Castlestuart;Govenor-93865 [Parents] was born about 1628. He died in 1649/1650. He married Joyce Blundell-93860.

Joyce Blundell-93860 was born about 1628 in Ireland. She died in 1650. She married Andrew Stuart (Black Andrew) Sir; 3rd Lord Castlestuart;Govenor-93865.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Stuart-93859 was born in 1648.

John H. Carpenter-37302 [Parents] was born on 29 Feb 1808. He died on 24 Feb 1887 in , Rutherford, Nc. He was buried in Salem Me Church, Rutherford, Nc. He married Elvira McMahan-36374.

Other marriages:
McGahey, Mary

Elvira McMahan-36374 was born in 1825. She died in 1852. She married John H. Carpenter-37302.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary E. Carpenter-37303 was born in Jan 1850. She died in Mar 1938.
  M ii John Carpenter-74242 was born about 1851/1852.

Meginhard I Hamelant-91297 [Parents] died about 844. He married Mrs. Mrs. Meginhard-91296.

Mrs. Mrs. Meginhard-91296.Mrs. married Meginhard I Hamelant-91297.

They had the following children:

  M i Eberhard II Wichman-91299 was born about 843. He died about 881.

Nidintu-Bell Babylon Prince-90776 [Parents].Nidintu-Bell married Mrs. Mrs. Nidintu-Bell-90775.

Mrs. Mrs. Nidintu-Bell-90775.Mrs. married Nidintu-Bell Babylon Prince-90776.

They had the following children:

  M i Nebuchadnezzar IV Babylon King-Claimant-90778.

Mr. Mr. Shimei-90795 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Shimei-90794.

Mrs. Mrs. Shimei-90794.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Shimei-90795.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Abihail-90797.

James Young-87055 was born in 1604 in Scotland. He married Jean Stewart-87203 about 1649 in Scotland.

Jean Stewart-87203 [Parents] was born in 1606 in Auldbar, Forfarshire, Scotland. She married James Young-87055 about 1649 in Scotland.

Other marriages:
Lyon, Frederick
Crichton, George

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