Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Henri I Duke Of Brabant-56275 [Parents] was born in 1165 in , , , Flanders. He died on 5 Sep 1235 in Koln. He was buried on 5 Sep 1235 in St Peter, Lowen. He married Maud (Matilda) d'Alsace (Boulogne) Duchess of Brabant-94326 in 1179 in Brabant, , Belgium.

Other marriages:
Capet, Marie Princess of France

Maud (Matilda) d'Alsace (Boulogne) Duchess of Brabant-94326 [Parents] was born in 1163 in Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France. She died in 1211 in Koln, Lowen, Belgium. She married Henri I Duke Of Brabant-56275 in 1179 in Brabant, , Belgium.

They had the following children:

  F i Adelaide (Alix) De Brabant-75937 was born in 1194.
  F ii Mathilde van Brabant-64877 was born about 1200. She died in 1267.
  M iii Henri II Duke Brabant-50079 was born about 1207. He died on 1 Feb 1247/1248.
  F iv Marie Princess Of Brabant-83006 was born in 1190. She died in 1260.
  F v Marguerite Princess Of Brabant Countess of Guelders-85541 was born in 1192. She died on 21 Sep 1231.
  M vi Gottfried Loewen Count-99623 was born in 1199. He died in 1254.

Walter De Clare-84155 [Parents] was born about 1118 in Of, Dunmow, Essex, England. He died in 1198. He was buried in Priory, Dunmow, Essex, England. He married Maud de Bohun-91915.

Other marriages:
Bohun, Margaret De
Maud (Margaret), Miss.
Lucy, Maude (Matilda) De Lady of Diss

Maud de Bohun-91915.Maud married Walter De Clare-84155.

Amyntas I Temenid MacEdonia King-90595 [Parents] died about 498 BC. He married Mrs. Mrs. Amyntas-90594.

Mrs. Mrs. Amyntas-90594.Mrs. married Amyntas I Temenid MacEdonia King-90595.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander I MacEdonia King-90597.
  F ii Miss. Miss. Amyntas-90556.

Alcetas I MacEdonia King-90593 [Parents] died about 540 BC. He married Mrs. Mrs. Alcetas-90592.

Mrs. Mrs. Alcetas-90592.Mrs. married Alcetas I MacEdonia King-90593.

They had the following children:

  M i Amyntas I Temenid MacEdonia King-90595 died about 498 BC.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Alcestas-90493.

Alexander I MacEdonia King-90597 [Parents].Alexander married Mrs. Mrs. Alexander-90596.

Mrs. Mrs. Alexander-90596.Mrs. married Alexander I MacEdonia King-90597.

They had the following children:

  M i Amyntas Temenid MacEdonia-90599 died about 411 BC.
  M ii Perdiccas II MacEdonia-90571 died about 413 BC.

Aristobulus II Judaea King-79839 [Parents] was born in 0049 BC. He married Miss. Miss. Absalom-90843.

Other marriages:
Absalom, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Absalom-90843 [Parents].Miss. married Aristobulus II Judaea King-79839.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander Judaea-90854.

Hiempsal II Numidia-89974 [Parents] died in 0060 BC. He married Mrs. Mrs. Hiempsal-89973.

Mrs. Mrs. Hiempsal-89973.Mrs. married Hiempsal II Numidia-89974.

They had the following children:

  M i Juba I Numidia Ruler of Armenia, Media & Parthia-92843 died in 0046 BC.

Cwrrig Mawr-91013 [Parents] was born in Britain. He married Mrs. Mrs. Cwrrig-91012.

Mrs. Mrs. Cwrrig-91012.Mrs. married Cwrrig Mawr-91013.

They had the following children:

  M i Gwrddwfn ap Cwrrig-79722 was born about 215.

Eudes II Chartres Count-91163 was born about 868. He married Miss. Miss. Theobald-91162.

Miss. Miss. Theobald-91162 [Parents].Miss. married Eudes II Chartres Count-91163.

They had the following children:

  M i Thibaud I (Theobald Gerlon) Troyes-91164.

Heinrich Wettergau Count-79642 [Parents] was born about 759. He died in 795. He married Mrs. Mrs. Heinrich-91181.

Other marriages:
Heinrich, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Heinrich-91181.Mrs. married Heinrich Wettergau Count-79642.

They had the following children:

  M i Heinrich II (Heimerich) von Sargau Count-91180.

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