Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Baiscne Mac Nuadat-90279 [Parents].Baiscne married Mrs. Mrs. Baiscne-90278.

Mrs. Mrs. Baiscne-90278.Mrs. married Baiscne Mac Nuadat-90279.

They had the following children:

  M i Eltam Mac Baiscne-90277.

Mr. Mr. Pergamum-90294.Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Pergamum-90293.

Mrs. Mrs. Pergamum-90293.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Pergamum-90294.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Pergamum-90296.
  M ii Philetaros Pergamum-90292.

Mr. Mr. Pergamum-90296 [Parents].Mr. married Antiochis Seleucid-90295.

Antiochis Seleucid-90295.Antiochis married Mr. Mr. Pergamum-90296.

They had the following children:

  M i Attalus I Soter Attalid King of Pergamum-80338 was born in 269 BC. He died about 197 BC.

Mr. Mr. Philip-90506.Mr. married Berenice (Berenike) I MacEdonia-90507.

Berenice (Berenike) I MacEdonia-90507 [Parents].Berenice married Mr. Mr. Philip-90506.

Other marriages:
Ptolemy, Soter "Saviour" Pharaoh of Egypt

They had the following children:

  M i Magas Cyrene King-90511.

Tewdwr (Mawr) "The Great" ap Cadell-94939 [Parents] was born about 977 in Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthshire, Wales,great Britain. He married Gwenllian Verch Gwyn-94979.

Gwenllian Verch Gwyn-94979 was born about 977 in Brittany, France. She was christened in Anglesia. She married Tewdwr (Mawr) "The Great" ap Cadell-94939.

They had the following children:

  M i Rhys I ap Tewdwr Mawr-94770 was born in 997. He died in 1093.
  M ii Maredudd ap Tewdwr-94984 was born in 998 in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  M iii Gwyn ap Tewdwr-94982 was born in 999 in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  M iv Rhydderch ap Tewdwr-94990 was born in 1000 in Derllys, Gwarthaf, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  F v Nest Verch Tewdwr-94994 was born in 1003 in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  F vi Elen Verch Tewdwr-95014 was born in 1004.

Sekenenre Tao II Thebes King-90337 [Parents].Sekenenre married Ahhotep (Ahotop) I Egypt Queen-90336.

Ahhotep (Ahotop) I Egypt Queen-90336 [Parents].Ahhotep married Sekenenre Tao II Thebes King-90337.

They had the following children:

  M i Ahmose I Egypt Pharaoh;Founder of 18th Dynasty-80297 was born about 1555 BC. He died about 1514 BC.
  M ii Kamose Thebes King; 15th Pharaoh of The 17th Dynasty-90325.

Richard de Braiose-53374 [Parents] was born about 1210 in Of, Bramber, Sussex, England. He married Joan-75477.

Joan-75477.Joan married Richard de Braiose-53374.

Adolf von Deutz-89767 [Parents].Adolf married Mrs. Mrs. Adolf-91312.

Mrs. Mrs. Adolf-91312.Mrs. married Adolf von Deutz-89767.

They had the following children:

  M i Adolf (Adolph) von Norvenich-96120 was born in 987. He died in 1041.

Sekenenre Tao I Thebes Pharaoh-90335 [Parents].Sekenenre married Tetisheri Thebes-90334.

Tetisheri Thebes-90334.Tetisheri married Sekenenre Tao I Thebes Pharaoh-90335.

They had the following children:

  M i Sekenenre Tao II Thebes King-90337.
  F ii Ahhotep (Ahotop) I Egypt Queen-90336.

Thutmose I Egypt-90351 [Parents] died about 1481 BC. He married Mutnofred Egypt-90350.

Other marriages:
Egypt, 'amhose (Aahmes) II Queen

Mutnofred Egypt-90350 [Parents].Mutnofred married Thutmose I Egypt-90351.

They had the following children:

  M i Thutmose II Egypt Pharaoh-90353.

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