Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Peter Rogers-87668.Peter married Abigail Gutterson-87813.

Abigail Gutterson-87813.Abigail married Peter Rogers-87668.

They had the following children:

  M i Peter Rogers-87631 was born on 21 Nov 1752.

Willibald Burgundians King of The Burgundians-79434 [Parents] was born about 505. He died about 532. He married Mrs. Mrs. Willibald-91451.

Other marriages:
Willibald, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Willibald-91451.Mrs. married Willibald Burgundians King of The Burgundians-79434.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Burgundians-79436 was born about 530.

Adalbert I von Maasgau-96122 [Parents].Adalbert married Mrs. Mrs. Adalbert-96123.

Mrs. Mrs. Adalbert-96123.Mrs. married Adalbert I von Maasgau-96122.

They had the following children:

  M i Erenfried I von Bliesgau-79526 was born about 855.

Theobald (Theodebert) Bavaria-91536 [Parents] died about 584. He married Mrs. Mrs. Theobald-91535.

Mrs. Mrs. Theobald-91535.Mrs. married Theobald (Theodebert) Bavaria-91536.

They had the following children:

  M i Garibald I Bavaria-79348 was born about 525. He died about 593.

James Sandilands Knight-101059 was born in 1433 in Calder, Ednbrg, Sctl & Of Cruvie, Fife, Scot.. He died before 1505 in Scotland. He married Margaret Ker-100523 about 1462.

Margaret Ker-100523 [Parents] was born about 1437 in Of Altonburn, Ednbrg, Sctl. She died before May 1549 in Scotland. She married James Sandilands Knight-101059 about 1462.

Other marriages:
Hay, William

They had the following children:

  M i John Sandilands-99819 was born about 1464. He died before 13 Feb 1493/1494.
  M ii James Sandilands-83406 was born about 1466. He died about 1534.
  M iii Peter Sandilands-99516 was born about 1470 in Calder, Edinburg, Scotland. He died before 4 May 1549 in Scotland.
  F iv Miss Miss Sandilands-99802 was born about 1475.
  F v Mary Sandilands-76995 was born about 1477 in Scotland. She died in Scotland.

John Ramsey-50471 [Parents] was born on 14 Jul 1747. He died on 25 Dec 1825 in , York, Sc. He married Sarah Smith-69348.

Sarah Smith-69348 [Parents] was born in 1766. She died on 27 Mar 1831 in , York, Sc. She was buried in Ramsey Family Gr, Road 816, Kings Creek, Sc. She married John Ramsey-50471.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Jolly-71949.
  F ii Ramsey-44227.
  M iii Harvey Ramsey-88227 was born about 1786.
  M iv John Ramsey-44484.
  M v Abraham Ramsey-51086 died before 1830.
  M vi Bill David Ramsey-76078 was born in 1790. He died before 6 Jan 1868.
  M vii Alexander Ramsey-69826.
  F viii Jane Ramsey-72212 was born on 16 Jul 1798. She died on 9 Sep 1871.
  M ix Thomas Ramsey-69893 was born about 1805.

Samos I Armenia King-90836 [Parents].Samos married Mrs. Mrs. Samos-90835.

Mrs. Mrs. Samos-90835.Mrs. married Samos I Armenia King-90836.

They had the following children:

  M i Arsames I Armenia-90857.

Kashta Egypt Pharaoh-90742.Kashta married Mrs. Mrs. Kashta-90741.

Mrs. Mrs. Kashta-90741.Mrs. married Kashta Egypt Pharaoh-90742.

They had the following children:

  M i Shabaka Egypt Pharaoh;3rd King of The 25th Dynasty-90753.

Ptolemy Euergetes II (VIII) Egypt-80142 [Parents] was born about 184 BC. He died about 117 BC. He married Cleopatra III Selene Egypt-90535.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Cleopatra III Selene

Cleopatra III Selene Egypt-90535 [Parents] died in 101 BC. She married Ptolemy Euergetes II (VIII) Egypt-80142.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Ptolemy IX Pharaoh

They had the following children:

  F i Cleopatra V Tryphaena-90696 died in 0068 BC.
  F ii Cleopatra Thea Euergetes-90537 died in 121 BC.
  M iii Ptolemy IX Egypt Pharaoh-89964.

Leuthari der Alamannen-66573 [Parents] was born about 536. He died in 554. He married Mrs. Mrs. Leuthaire-91439.

Other marriages:
Leuthaire, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Leuthaire-91439.Mrs. married Leuthari der Alamannen-66573.

They had the following children:

  M i Uncelin Alemania Duke-79444 was born about 555. He died about 603.

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