Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Jackson Sanders Medlin-38607 [Parents] was born in Aug 1848 in , Lincoln, NC. He died on 21 Sep 1917 in Bay Springs, Jasper, Ms. He was buried in Enon Bap Ch Cem, Lake Coma, Jasper, Mississippi. He married Sarah Adeline McCoy-102780.

Sarah Adeline McCoy-102780 was born on 14 Jul 1855 in , Kings Mountain, Lincoln, Nc. She died on 22 Apr 1910 in Bay Springs, Jasper Co., Ms. She was buried in Enon Bt Ch, Bay Springs, Jasper, Miss. She married Jackson Sanders Medlin-38607.

Vonones II Arshakuni Parthia King of Media Atropatene-80521 [Parents] was born about 0010 BC. He died about 0054. He married Miss. Miss. Greek Concubine-90044.

Other marriages:
Greek, Miss. Concubine

Miss. Miss. Greek Concubine-90044.Miss. married Vonones II Arshakuni Parthia King of Media Atropatene-80521.

They had the following children:

  M i Vologaeses I Arshakuni King of Parthia & Media Atropatene-80519 was born in 0025. He died in 0078.

Charles Fysche Palmer Esquire-93705 was born about 1769 in Scotland. He married Madelina Gordon-93731 on 25 Nov 1805.

Madelina Gordon-93731 [Parents] was born in 1772 in of, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She died on 1 Jun 1849. She married Charles Fysche Palmer Esquire-93705 on 25 Nov 1805.

Other marriages:
Sinclair, Robert Sir Baronet

Amnius Anicius Iulianus-79752 [Parents] was born about 270. He died about 329. He married Caesonia Manilia-90931.

Other marriages:
Manilia, Caesonia

Caesonia Manilia-90931.Caesonia married Amnius Anicius Iulianus-79752.

They had the following children:

  M i Amnius Manius Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius-90934.

Patrick De Dunbar 4 Earl of Dunbar-92627 [Parents] was born in 1152 in , Dunbar, Haddingtonshire, Scotland. He died on 31 Dec 1232. He was buried in St. Mary's, Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotlnad. He married Christina Mrs De Dunbar-95001 about 1175.

Other marriages:
Scotland, Ada

Christina Mrs De Dunbar-95001.Christina married Patrick De Dunbar 4 Earl of Dunbar-92627 about 1175.

Mr Mr De Andrew-85947 was born about 1155. He married Miss Miss De Quincey-54283.

Miss Miss De Quincey-54283 [Parents] was born about 1157 in Of, Brackley, Northamptonshire, England. She married Mr Mr De Andrew-85947.

Nebma'atre' Amenhotep II Egypt Pharaoh-90366 [Parents].Nebma'atre' married Maetnefrure (Manefruere') Khatti Princess-90426.

Maetnefrure (Manefruere') Khatti Princess-90426 [Parents].Maetnefrure married Nebma'atre' Amenhotep II Egypt Pharaoh-90366.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Ramses II Pharaoh

They had the following children:

  F i Baktaten Egypt-90360.

Tassilon I (Tassilo) Bavaria Duke of Bavaria-91526 [Parents] died about 609. He married Mrs. Mrs. Tassilon-91525.

Mrs. Mrs. Tassilon-91525.Mrs. married Tassilon I (Tassilo) Bavaria Duke of Bavaria-91526.

They had the following children:

  M i Garibald II Bavaria Duke of Bavaria-79357 was born about 585.

Abraham Smith-36426 [Parents] was born in 1722 in , Ulster Province, Ireland. He married Sarah Caldwell-86100.

Sarah Caldwell-86100 was born in , of Augusta Co., Virginia. She married Abraham Smith-36426.

Seti I Egypt Pharaoh;2nd or 3rd King of The 19th Dynasty-80271 [Parents] was born about 1323 BC. He died about 1279 BC. He married Tuya (Thuya) Egypt-90364.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Tuya (Thuya)

Tuya (Thuya) Egypt-90364 [Parents].Tuya married Seti I Egypt Pharaoh;2nd or 3rd King of The 19th Dynasty-80271.

They had the following children:

  M i Ramses II Egypt Pharaoh-80248 was born about 1302 BC. He died in 1213 BC.

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