Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Alain I Brittany King-90189 [Parents] died about 907. He married Miss. Miss. Oreguen-90188.

Miss. Miss. Oreguen-90188.Miss. married Alain I Brittany King-90189.

They had the following children:

  F i Miss. Miss. Brittany-90190 died about 907.
  M ii Paskwitan II Rennes-96824 was born in 895.

Mr. Mr. Bababigna-90782.Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Bababigna-90781.

Mrs. Mrs. Bababigna-90781.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Bababigna-90782.

They had the following children:

  M i Hydranes I Armenia-90807.

John de Stourton-92481 [Parents] was born about 1384/1385 in of Preston Plucknet, Somersetshire, England. He died on 10 Nov 1438. He married Joan Banastre-92504 about 1404 in Church of Stavordale.

Other marriages:
Hollan, Margaret
Stourton, Mrs.
Payne, Katherine
Dennis, Alice (Peny)

Joan Banastre-92504 was born about 1385. She married John de Stourton-92481 about 1404 in Church of Stavordale.

Pinedjem I Egypt-90473 [Parents].Pinedjem married Mrs. Mrs. Pinedjem-90472.

Mrs. Mrs. Pinedjem-90472.Mrs. married Pinedjem I Egypt-90473.

They had the following children:

  M i Psusennes I Egypt Pharaoh-90475 died about 991 BC.

Amenhotep (Amenothes) Egypt-90454 [Parents].Amenhotep married Miss. Miss. Isis-90453.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Hrere

Miss. Miss. Isis-90453 [Parents].Miss. married Amenhotep (Amenothes) Egypt-90454.

They had the following children:

  M i Hrior Egypt-80222 was born about 1150 BC. He died about 1070 BC.

Alfonso III King Aragón-49922 [Parents] was born on 4 Nov 1265 in , Valencia, Valencia, Spain. He died on 18 Jun 1291 in , Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. He married Eleonor d' Aragon Queen Cyprus-53740 on 15 Aug 1282.

Eleonor d' Aragon Queen Cyprus-53740 [Parents] was born about 1333 in Of, Castellbon De Apmurias, Gerona, Spain. She died on 26 Dec 1416/1417 in , Barcelona, , Aragon. She married Alfonso III King Aragón-49922 on 15 Aug 1282.

Other marriages:
Lusignan, Peter I de King Cypru

Mr. Mr. Childebrand-91214 [Parents].Mr. married Miss. Miss. Rolande-91213.

Miss. Miss. Rolande-91213 [Parents].Miss. married Mr. Mr. Childebrand-91214.

They had the following children:

  M i Sigisbert de Rouergue-91212.

Phriapites Parni Leader-80550 was born about 345 BC. He married Mrs. Mrs. Phriapites-90015.

Other marriages:
Phriapites, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Phriapites-90015.Mrs. married Phriapites Parni Leader-80550.

They had the following children:

  M i Arsaces Parni-90018.

Arsaces Xiii Mithridates I of Media-90040.Arsaces married Miss. Miss. Tigranes II-90037.

Miss. Miss. Tigranes II-90037 [Parents].Miss. married Arsaces Xiii Mithridates I of Media-90040.

Other marriages:
Iberia, Pharnabazus I King

They had the following children:

  M i Ariobarzanes I Media-80527 was born about 0060 BC. He died in 0020 BC.

Ramses X Egypt Pharaoh-80211 [Parents] was born about 1137 BC. He died in 1099 BC. He married Tiye (Tyti) Egypt-90466.

Other marriages:
Egypt, Tiye (Tyti)

Tiye (Tyti) Egypt-90466 [Parents].Tiye married Ramses X Egypt Pharaoh-80211.

They had the following children:

  M i Ramses Xi (Rameses) Egypt Pharaoh; 10th King of The 20th Dynasty-80209 was born about 1110 BC. He died in 1069 BC.
  F ii Baktwernel Egypt Queen-90468.

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