Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Mr. Mr. Milo-89928 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89927.

Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89927.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Milo-89928.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Milo-89926.

William McDaniel-90534.William married Mahala Lucinda Martin-87962.

Mahala Lucinda Martin-87962 [Parents] was born on 24 May 1867 in , York, Sc. She died on 27 Feb 1939. She married William McDaniel-90534.

Richard Provence Prince-89932 [Parents] died in 961. He married Mrs. Mrs. Richard-89931.

Mrs. Mrs. Richard-89931.Mrs. married Richard Provence Prince-89932.

They had the following children:

  F i Fredeburga of Provence de Vienne-89933.

Everard I Radulf Duke of Montagne-91176 [Parents] died about 1112. He married Miss. Miss. Francka-91175.

Miss. Miss. Francka-91175 died about 1078. She married Everard I Radulf Duke of Montagne-91176.

They had the following children:

  F i Ade (Ide,ada,ida) de Mortagne Princess of Mortagne-94214 was born in 1109.

John Forbes-93952 was born in 1585 in Forbes, Aberdeen, Scotland. He married Jean (Jane) Elphinstone-94032.

Jean (Jane) Elphinstone-94032 [Parents] was born on 17 Feb 1583 in Elphinstone, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She married John Forbes-93952.

Other marriages:
Forbes, Arthur

John De Vaux-86480 [Parents] was born about 1225 in Of, Acquitaine, , England. He died about 1288. He married Sibyl-92733 about 1250 in Of, Acquitainee, , England.

Sibyl-92733 [Parents] was born about 1230 in Of, Acquitaine, , England. She died before 1261. She married John De Vaux-86480 about 1250 in Of, Acquitainee, , England.

They had the following children:

  F i Maude (Matilde) De Vaux-33652 was born about 1257.
  F ii Patronilla Vaux-95417 was born about 1280.

Demetrius I MacEdonia King-80095 [Parents] was born in 336 BC. He died in 283 BC. He married Phila MacEdonia-90582.

Other marriages:
MacEdonia, Phila

Phila MacEdonia-90582 [Parents].Phila married Demetrius I MacEdonia King-80095.

They had the following children:

  F i Stratonice MacEdonia-90628 died in 268 BC.

James Stacy Westmoreland-63510 [Parents] was born on 22 Oct 1887 in Kings Creek, York, Sc. He died on 18 Dec 1970 in Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He was buried on 20 Dec 1970 in Oakland Cem., Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He married Letha Proctor-85688 on 26 Oct 1912 in Union, Sc.

Letha Proctor-85688 was born on 7 Jan 1891 in Union, Sc. She died on 24 Oct 1962 in Cher Nursing Hm, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. She was buried on 26 Oct 1962 in Oakland Cem, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. She married James Stacy Westmoreland-63510 on 26 Oct 1912 in Union, Sc.

Artaces I Iberia King-80578 [Parents].Artaces married Miss. Miss. Iberia-89987.

Other marriages:
Iberia, Miss.

Miss. Miss. Iberia-89987 [Parents].Miss. married Artaces I Iberia King-80578.

They had the following children:

  M i Pharnabazus I Iberia King-89990.

Mannos VI Osrhoene King-89980.Mannos married Miss. Miss. Adiabene Princess-89979.

Miss. Miss. Adiabene Princess-89979 [Parents].Miss. married Mannos VI Osrhoene King-89980.

They had the following children:

  F i Aude (Awde) Osrhoene Princess-89981.

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