Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Felix Judea Governor-89950.Felix married Miss. Miss. Drusilla No. 1-89949.

Miss. Miss. Drusilla No. 1-89949 [Parents].Miss. married Felix Judea Governor-89950.

Other marriages:
Emesa, Sohaemus King

They had the following children:

  F i Miss. Miss. Iotape-89951.

Roger de Monte Gomerii-89922 [Parents] was born about 906. He married Mrs. Mrs. Roger-89921.

Mrs. Mrs. Roger-89921.Mrs. married Roger de Monte Gomerii-89922.

They had the following children:

  M i Guillaume de Monte Gomerii-89923 was born about 930.

John Welch Minister-93909 was born about 1555. He married Miss Miss (#1) Knox-93912.

Miss Miss (#1) Knox-93912 [Parents] was born about 1560. She married John Welch Minister-93909.

Solomon (Solmund,solamh) Dublin-91089 [Parents].Solomon married Miss. Miss. St. Columba-91088.

Miss. Miss. St. Columba-91088.Miss. married Solomon (Solmund,solamh) Dublin-91089.

Mr. Mr. Milo-89926 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89925.

Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89925.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Milo-89926.

They had the following children:

  M i Lievin de Narbonne-89936 died in 878.

Mr. Ketill-22920 was born about 855. He married Asa Hakonsdatter-78080 about 870 in of, , , Norway.

Other marriages:
Hakonarsson, Asa T.

Asa Hakonsdatter-78080 [Parents] was born in 860 in Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway. She married Mr. Ketill-22920 about 870 in of, , , Norway.

Other marriages:
Halfdansson King, Harald I "Fairhair" Of Norway

Mr. Mr. Kanishka III-96457 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Kanishka-96458.

Mrs. Mrs. Kanishka-96458.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Kanishka III-96457.

They had the following children:

  M i Vasudeva II Kushans King-90065.

Milo de Narbonne Count-80646 [Parents] was born about 755. He died in 782. He married Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89929.

Other marriages:
Milo, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Milo-89929.Mrs. married Milo de Narbonne Count-80646.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Milo-89928.

She had the following children:

  F i Philipine van Dreux-61270 was born in 1192. She died on 17 Mar 1242.
  F ii Agnes van Dreux-62476 was born in 1195. She died on 19 Sep 1258.

Arsaces Xxviiii Vologaeses IV Pharthia-80507 [Parents] was born about 145. He died about 208. He married Mrs. Mrs. Arsaces-90058.

Other marriages:
Arsaces, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Arsaces-90058.Mrs. married Arsaces Xxviiii Vologaeses IV Pharthia-80507.

They had the following children:

  M i Vologaeses "The Great" V,xxix Pharthia King of Armenia-80505 was born in 145. He died in 208.

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