Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Henry de La Pomerai Baron-98971.Henry married Rohese Princess Of England-24139.

Rohese Princess Of England-24139 [Parents] was born about 1114 in Of, , , England. She died after 1176 in , , , England. She married Henry de La Pomerai Baron-98971.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry de La Pomeroy-98969 died in 1208.

Robert de Essex-85629 [Parents] was born about 1073 in Essex, England, Great Britain. He married Gunnor Or Gunnora Bigod-71705 about 1090.

Gunnor Or Gunnora Bigod-71705 [Parents] was born in 1096 in Of, , Norfolk, England. She married Robert de Essex-85629 about 1090.

Other marriages:
de Clare, Hamo

They had the following children:

  M i Henry de Essex-85670 was born in 1091.

Rhys II ap Gruffydd Prince of South Wales-86364 [Parents] was born in 1129 in Mechoin, Montgomery, Wales. He died on 24 Apr 1197. He was buried in St. David's, Pebidiog, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He married Efa Verch Dafydd-100777.

Other marriages:
Caradog, Ysterdur Verch
Madog, Gwenllian Verch
Llywelyn, Gwerful Verch
Caradog, Nest Verch
Cynddelw, Gwenddydd Verch
Iorwerth, Isabel Verch
Caradog, Ystedur Verch
Gruffudd, Nest Verch
Maredudd, Gwenllian Verch
Gruffudd, Mrs- Rhys Ap
Gruffudd, Mrs- Rhys Ap
Gruffudd, Mrs- Rhys Ap
Gruffudd, Mrs- Rhys Ap
Gruffudd, Mrs- Rhys Ap

Efa Verch Dafydd-100777.Efa married Rhys II ap Gruffydd Prince of South Wales-86364.

Isarna (Hisarna) Troy King of Troy-85634 [Parents] was born in Troy, Turkey. He married Mrs. Mrs. Isarna-85635.

Mrs. Mrs. Isarna-85635.Mrs. married Isarna (Hisarna) Troy King of Troy-85634.

They had the following children:

  M i Ostragotha Goths King of The Goths-76393 was born about 180.

Mr. William "Atheling" Prince England-17736 [Parents] was born before 5 Aug 1103 in Of, Selby, Yorkshire, England. He died on 26 Nov 1119 in At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, France. He married Miss. Miss. de La Pomeraie-97056.

Other marriages:
Anjou, Mathilde D' [Duchess Of Norm
England, Alice Of

Miss. Miss. de La Pomeraie-97056 [Parents].Miss. married Mr. William "Atheling" Prince England-17736.

They had the following children:

  F i Rohese (Rohais Campo Ernalda) de Tracy-97057.

Cuhelyn ap Ifor-86298 was born in 907 in of, , Powys, Wales. He married Gwen Verch Gronwy-85638.

Gwen Verch Gronwy-85638 [Parents] was born about 964 in of, , Denbighshire, Wales. She married Cuhelyn ap Ifor-86298.

They had the following children:

  M i Elystan "Glodrydd" ap Cuhelyn-87518 was born about 953.

Gronwy ap Tudur-87363 [Parents] was born in 940 in Denbighshire, Wales. He married Tangwystl Verch Dyfnwal-86544.

Tangwystl Verch Dyfnwal-86544 was born in 944 in Denbighshire, Wales, Great Britain. She married Gronwy ap Tudur-87363.

They had the following children:

  F i Gwen Verch Gronwy-85638 was born about 964.

Alcibiades Whittier-100587 [Parents] was born in 1819 in Roxbury, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. He died on 7 Jul 1859. He married Mary W. Damon-38611 on 22 Dec 1851.

Mary W. Damon-38611.Mary married Alcibiades Whittier-100587 on 22 Dec 1851.

Sigrand (Sigramus) de Hesbaye Count-90145 [Parents] died in 714. He married Landree (Landrade) Austrasia-86451.

Landree (Landrade) Austrasia-86451 [Parents].Landree married Sigrand (Sigramus) de Hesbaye Count-90145.

They had the following children:

  M i Gunderland Hesbaye Count-85644 died in 778.

Isle Jordan-94987 was born about 1175. He died about 1209. He married Esclaramund Foix-70215.

Esclaramund Foix-70215 [Parents] was born about 1180 in Flor, Aud, Carcassone. She married Isle Jordan-94987.

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