Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Geoffrey de Say (Saye)-85366 [Parents] died in 1214. He married Lettice Maminot-86781.

Lettice Maminot-86781.Lettice married Geoffrey de Say (Saye)-85366.

They had the following children:

  M i Geoffrey II de Say (Saye)-92568.

John Webb-78181 [Parents] was born on 15 Apr 1782. He died on 15 May 1838. He married Parthenia Williams-37906 on 27 Apr 1805.

Parthenia Williams-37906 [Parents] was born on 9 Feb 1784. She died on 9 Feb 1861. She married John Webb-78181 on 27 Apr 1805.

They had the following children:

  M i John Webb Jr.-97943 was born on 5 Mar 1806. He died on 24 Apr 1876.
  F ii Eliza Webb-36609 was born on 12 Apr 1807. She died on 10 Feb 1884.
  M iii Charles Timothy Webb-59887 was born on 26 Jan 1812. He died on 11 Jan 1823.
  F iv Caroline Williams Webb-86022 was born on 7 Jun 1822. She died on 5 Jan 1861.

de la married FITZgeoffrey-83338.

FITZgeoffrey-83338 [Parents] was born about 1214. She married de la rokele-85979.

Other marriages:
rokele, de la
rokele, de la
rokele, de la
rokele, de la

Mr. Mr. Jacob (Kronos) "Israel" Twin-77444 [Parents] was born in 1892 BC in Israel, Asia. He died in 1745/147 BC in Judea, Canaan. He was buried in Cave of MacHpelah Hebron. He married Mrs. Mrs. Bilhah Jacob-85729.

Other marriages:
Leah, Miss
Rachel, Miss
Jacob, Mrs. Zilpah
Jacob, Mrs. Bilhah

Mrs. Mrs. Bilhah Jacob-85729 [Parents] was born in Judea, Canaan. She married Mr. Mr. Jacob (Kronos) "Israel" Twin-77444.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Dan-76310 was born in 1805 BC. He died in 1682 BC.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Naphtali-76260 was born in 1804 BC. He died in 1673 BC.

Fleming McKay-82850 [Parents] was born about 1791 in Sc. He died before 12 Oct 1841 in ,Tishomingo, Mississippi. He married Mesa ( Mecie) Herrin-84836.

Other marriages:
, mistress

Mesa ( Mecie) Herrin-84836 was born in 1802 in Sc. She died before 1880 in believe, Tishomingo, Mississippi. She married Fleming McKay-82850.

They had the following children:

  M i William McKay-85044 was born in 1815 in Nc.
  M ii Samuel McKay-76406 was born in 1820. He died before 5 May 1883.
  M iii Calloway McKay-95370 was born in 1821. He died about 1859.
  F iv McKay-92368 was born about 1822.
  F v Rachel McKay-83603 was born about 1824 in Tn. She died about 1855.
  F vi Thursey McKay-95264 was born in 1825. She died in 1910.
  F vii Elizabeth McKay-75459 was born about 1827 in Tn.
  M viii John N McKay-87803 was born about 1831.
  M ix Lewis McKay-75705 was born in 1833. He died on 19 Sep 1862.
  M x Allen McKay-85340 was born in 1835 in Tn.
  F xi Catherine Susan McKay-95854 was born on 5 Nov 1838. She died on 23 Aug 1922.
  M xii James Lobb McKay-95746 was born on 22 May 1840. He died on 10 Aug 1911.

Dafydd Ap Llywelyn Prince of Wales-83036 [Parents] was born about 1209 in Of, , Caernarvonshire, Wales. He died in Mar 1246 in d.s.p.. He married Isabella De Braose-55032 about 1231.

Other marriages:
, mistress
, mistress
, mistress

Isabella De Braose-55032 [Parents] was born about 1238 in Of Bramber, Sussex, England. She married Dafydd Ap Llywelyn Prince of Wales-83036 about 1231.

Other marriages:
FitzHerbert, Peter Or Piers

John Carmichael 2 husband-85384 was born about 1430 in Of, Meadowflat, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died before 20 Feb 1489. He married Isabel Sibbald Countess of Angus-88914 about 1463 in Of, Balgonie, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Isabel Sibbald Countess of Angus-88914 [Parents] was born in 1418 in of, Balgonie, Fifeshire, Scotland. She died in Feb 1496. She married John Carmichael 2 husband-85384 about 1463 in Of, Balgonie, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Other marriages:
Douglas, George Earl of Angus
Douglas, Sir Robert

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Carmichael-76380 was born about 1463.
  M ii James Carmichael-87455 was born about 1474.
  M iii Peter Carmichael-86656 was born about 1478. He died before 30 May 1545.

William de Stanley-86938 [Parents] was born in 1175 in Hootton, Cheshire, England. He married Mrs. Mrs. William-85387 about 1214.

Mrs. Mrs. William-85387 was born about 1175. She married William de Stanley-86938 about 1214.

They had the following children:

  M i Adam de Stanley-86515 was born in 1215.

Robert Stafford-46930 [Parents] was born about 1251 in Of, Egginton, Derbyshire, England. He married Mrs. Mrs. Robert-85388.

Other marriages:

Mrs. Mrs. Robert-85388 was born about 1251. She married Robert Stafford-46930.

Mr. Mr. Aaron-77795 [Parents] was born in 1635 BC in Egypt. He died in 1512 BC in Canaan, Judea. He married Miss Miss Elisheba-88652.

Other marriages:
Elisheba, Miss

Miss Miss Elisheba-88652 was born in Egypt. She married Mr. Mr. Aaron-77795.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Nadab-87372.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Abihu-95634.
  M iii Mr. Mr. Eleazer-88649.
  M iv Mr. Mr. Ithamar-85391.

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