Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Hugo Lusignan of cyprus King-99440 [Parents] was born in 1193. He died on 10 Jan 1218. He married Alix von Champagne-87204 in 1208.

Alix von Champagne-87204 [Parents] was born in 1195. She died in 1247. She married Hugo Lusignan of cyprus King-99440 in 1208.

William de Vescy e of suffolk in 1236-78793 [Parents] was born about 1205. He died before 7 Oct 1253. He married Isabel Longespee 2 wife-84011 about 1237.

Other marriages:
glanville, maud 1 wife and heiress
Ferrers, Agnes De

Isabel Longespee 2 wife-84011 [Parents] was born about 1201 in Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. She died in 1248 in Sp. She married William de Vescy e of suffolk in 1236-78793 about 1237.

Other marriages:
de Vesey (Vescy,vesci), William I Baron of Vesci; Lord Alnwick

Wililam III des Barres-75205 [Parents] was born about 1190 in Oissery, France. He died on 15 Nov 1249. He married Beatrix de chalon-83360 in 1200.

Beatrix de chalon-83360 was born about 1192. She died on 7 Apr 1227. She married Wililam III des Barres-75205 in 1200.

She had the following children:

  F i Juliane De Dammartin-71321 was born about 1168. She died about 1238.
  M ii Mr. Simon van Dammartin-57439 was born about 1180. He died on 21 Sep 1239.

John Constable Knight-75510 was born about 1390 in Of, Halsham, Yorkshire, England. He was christened in Of Constable, Burton, Yorkshire, England. He died before 14 Jan 1451 in , Halsham, Yorkshire, England. He was buried in , Halsham, Yorkshire, England. He married Margaret De Umfreville-76130 about 1421 in Of, Halsham, Yorkshire, England.

Margaret De Umfreville-76130 [Parents] was born in 1407 in Of Castle, Harbottle, Northumberland, England. She died on 23 Oct 1443 in , Halsham, Yorkshire, England. She married John Constable Knight-75510 about 1421 in Of, Halsham, Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
Lodington, William Justice Pleas
Hole, Hugh

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes Constable-84767 was born about 1440.
  F ii Elizabeth Constable-94091 was born about 1424.
  F iii Maud Constable-75929 was born about 1426.
  M iv John Constable Sir Knight-84746 was born about 1420. He died before 18 Mar 1477.

Carl von SICILy-84441 [Parents] was born about 1305 in durazzo. He died on 23 Jan 1347. He married Marie de SICILy-92975 in 1343.

Marie de SICILy-92975 [Parents] was born about 1327. She married Carl von SICILy-84441 in 1343.

Malcom lennox 4 L Lennox-76702 [Parents] was born about 1243. He died before 1292. He married Margaret MONTGOMERy-76151.

Margaret MONTGOMERy-76151 [Parents] was born about 1250 in Of, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland. She married Malcom lennox 4 L Lennox-76702.

Other marriages:
Mure, Archibald Knight

They had the following children:

  M i Malcolm lennox 5 L Lennox-82820 was born about 1270. He died on 19 Jul 1333.

Palling Tokesen-97922 [Parents].Palling married Gunhild Haraldsdatter Pr Ncess Of Denmark-11632.

Gunhild Haraldsdatter Pr Ncess Of Denmark-11632 [Parents] was born about 949 in , , , Denmark. She died on 13 Nov 1002. She married Palling Tokesen-97922.

Other marriages:
Tokesen, Palling

They had the following children:

  M i Toke Palnesen-97923.

Mr. Mr. Joctan (Joktan) Ababs or Chinese-76203 [Parents] was born in 2267 BC in Eber, Chaldeas. He married Mrs. Mrs. Joctan (Joktan)-85980.

Other marriages:
Joctan (Joktan), Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Joctan (Joktan)-85980.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Joctan (Joktan) Ababs or Chinese-76203.

They had the following children:

  M i Jobab Chaldea-78056 was born in 2206 BC.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Hadoram (Haddram)-97096.
  M iii Mr. Mr. Almodad-97422.
  M iv Mr. Mr. Sheleph-97423.
  M v Mr. Mr. Hazarmaveth-97424.
  M vi Mr. Mr. Jerah-97425.
  M vii Mr. Mr. Uzal-97426.
  M viii Mr. Mr. Diklah-97427.
  M ix Mr. Mr. Obal-97428.
  M x Mr. Mr. Abimael-97429.
  M xi Mr. Mr. Sheba-97430.
  M xii Mr. Mr. Ophir-97431.
  M xiii Mr. Mr. Havilah-97432.

Adam Parsons-37950 [Parents] was born about 1626 in of Birr Castle, Offaly, Ireland. He married Isabel Gore-38127.

Isabel Gore-38127.Isabel married Adam Parsons-37950.

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