Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Arnulf Duke Of Bavaria-11594 [Parents] was born about 886 in Of, Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria. He died on 14 Jul 937. He married Judith (Jutte) di Friuli (von Sulichgau)-97576 in 910.

Other marriages:
Sulichgau, Jutte (Judith) Grafin
di Friuli (von Sulichgau), Judith (Jutte)

Judith (Jutte) di Friuli (von Sulichgau)-97576 [Parents].Judith married Arnulf Duke Of Bavaria-11594 in 910.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Luitpold Prince Of Bavaria-11584 was born about 910 in Of, , Bavaria, Germany. He died YOUNG.
  M ii Mr. Eberhard Duke Of Bavaria-22003 was born about 912. He died about 938.
  M iii Arnulf Count Palatinate Bavaria-21551 was born about 913. He died on 22 Jul 954.
  M iv Berthold Margrave Of Nordgau-21671 was born about 915. He died on 15 Jan 980.
  M v Mr. Hermann Prince Of Bavaria-21670 was born about 917 in , , , Bavaria. He died in 954.
  F vi Judith Duchess Of Bavaria-12366 was born in 919. She died on 27 Jul 978.
  M vii Mr. Heinrich Count Of Bavaria-12240 was born about 920. He died in 953.
  M viii Mr. Ludwig Prince Of Bavaria-21666 was born about 930 in , , , Bavaria. He died after 972.
  M ix Leopold "The Illustrious" Austria-21662 was born about 940. He died on 10 Jul 994.
  F x Miss Miss Princess Of Bavaria [Margravine Of A-21669 was born about 925.

Colin "Iongantach" Campbell Knight-84163 [Parents] was born about 1345 in Lochow, Argyllshire, Scotland. He died in 1413 in , , Scotland. He married Margaret Drummond-86571.

Other marriages:

Margaret Drummond-86571 [Parents] was born about 1352 in Of, Inchmohomo, , Scotland. She married Colin "Iongantach" Campbell Knight-84163.

Pelham Britt Sims-28059 was born on 24 Nov 1919 in Princeton, Greenville, Sc. He died on 15 May 1992 in Brookview Hse, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He was buried on 18 May 1992 in Oakland Cem, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He married Mary Ellen Black-36423 on 18 Mar 1940 in Union, Union, Sc.

Mary Ellen Black-36423 [Parents] was born on 12 Apr 1916 in Gaffney, Cherokee, SouthCarolina. She died on 11 Nov 1992 in Home, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. She was buried on 13 Nov 1992 in Oakland Cem, Gaffney, Cherokee, SouthCarolina. She married Pelham Britt Sims-28059 on 18 Mar 1940 in Union, Union, Sc.

Thomas Worsop-37931 was born in 1630 in of Dunshaughlin, Meath, Ireland. He died on 27 May 1686. He married Elizabeth Parsons-37904.

Elizabeth Parsons-37904 [Parents] was born about 1634 in , , Ireland. She married Thomas Worsop-37931.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Worsop-105163 was born on 15 Nov 1656.

Matuedo I de Poher-90191.Matuedo married Miss. Miss. Brittany-90190.

Miss. Miss. Brittany-90190 [Parents] died about 907. She married Matuedo I de Poher-90191.

They had the following children:

  M i Alain "Barbetorte" Count Bretagne-3513 was born in 902.

John Glendoning Knight-75416 was born about 1395. He married Mary Douglas-75627.

Mary Douglas-75627 [Parents] was born about 1406 in , , , Scotland. She married John Glendoning Knight-75416.

William Percival De Somery-85067 [Parents] was born about 1197 in <Of, Dinas Powis, Wales>. He died in 1221. He married Rohese De Verdun-66354.

Other marriages:
Somer, Mrs- William Percival De

Rohese De Verdun-66354 [Parents] was born about 1204 in Of, Alton, Staffordshire, England. She died on 10 Feb 1246/1247. She was buried in , Belton, Leicestershire, England. She married William Percival De Somery-85067.

Other marriages:
Boteler, Theobald "le Butzllen" Le Lord Justice of Ireland

They had the following children:

  M i Nicholas de Somery-96642.

Anne De Neville [Duchess Of Buck-19393 [Parents] was born about 1411 in Of, , Westmorland, England. She died on 20 Sep 1480 in Sp. She was buried in , Pleshy, Essex, England. She was married about 1470 in of, Raby, Durham, England.

Other marriages:
Blount, Walter [Baron Of Mountj
Stafford, Humphrey [Duke Of Bucking

She had the following children:

  M i Humphrey Stafford "E Of Stafford"-31142 was born in 1424. He died on 22 May 1455.
  F ii Catherine Stafford-98397 was born in 1437. She died in 1476.

Major Robert Harris-84584 [Parents] was born in 1696/1698 in , New Kent, VA. He died in 1765 in Brown's Cove, Albermarle, VA. He married Mourning Glenn-91369 on 30 Jan 1720.

Mourning Glenn-91369 [Parents] was born in 1702. She died in 1776. She married Major Robert Harris-84584 on 30 Jan 1720.

They had the following children:

  M i Christopher Harris-96012.
  M ii Robert Harris-98474.
  M iii James Harris-91252 was born in 1722. He died in 1792.
  F iv Anna Harris-91221 was born on 31 Mar 1724.
  M v Tyre Harris-85731.
  M vi William Harris-72616.
  F vii Lucy Harris-89388.
  F viii Sarah Harris-96994.
  F ix Mourning Harris-86612.
  F x Elizabeth Harris-55922.

Theoderic de Madrie Count-79628 [Parents] was born about 800. He married Mrs. Mrs. Theoderic-91195.

Other marriages:
Theoderic, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Theoderic-91195.Mrs. married Theoderic de Madrie Count-79628.

They had the following children:

  F i Miss. Mrs-Pepin Countess Of Vermandois-4596 was born about 820.

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