Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Thomas Stanley-82090 was born in 1520 in Henbury, Cheshire, England. He married Joan de Davenport-82562 about 1550 in Prestbury, Cheshire, England.

Joan de Davenport-82562 [Parents] was born in 1530 in Henbury, Cheshire, England. She married Thomas Stanley-82090 about 1550 in Prestbury, Cheshire, England.

James Lobb McKay-95746 [Parents] was born on 22 May 1840. He died on 10 Aug 1911 in ,Tishomingo ,Mississippi. He married Martha A Hughes-82809 on 1 Dec 1859 in ,Tishomingo ,Mississippi.

Other marriages:
Hill, Charlotte 2 wife

Martha A Hughes-82809 was born in 1840. She died on 10 Aug 1911. She married James Lobb McKay-95746 on 1 Dec 1859 in ,Tishomingo ,Mississippi.

She had the following children:

  M i David Prince Of Scotland Duke of Rothsey-93286 was born on 24 Oct 1378. He died on 26 Mar 1402.
  F ii Margaret Stewart-84233 was born about 1380. She died before Sep 1456.

Ralph de Davenport-82540 [Parents] was born in 1478 in Henbury, Cheshire, England, Great Britain. He died in 1544. He married Mrs. Mrs. Ralph-82094 about 1519 in Boughton, Cheshire, England.

Mrs. Mrs. Ralph-82094 was born about 1480 in Boughton, Cheshire, England, Great Britain. She married Ralph de Davenport-82540 about 1519 in Boughton, Cheshire, England.

Walter Lacy-76395 was born about 1175. He married Margaret de Braose-48657.

Margaret de Braose-48657 [Parents] was born about 1177 in Of, Bramber, Sussex, England. She married Walter Lacy-76395.

Jeffrey WARRENe-33544 [Parents] was born about 1165 in <Of, Norfolk, Norfolk, England>. He married Miss. Isabella-76311 about 1199.

Miss. Isabella-76311 was born about 1160 in <, Lightfield, Salop, Eng>. She married Jeffrey WARRENe-33544 about 1199.

They had the following children:

  M i John Warren-83779 was born about 1200.

William L. Gibbs-44473 was born in KY. He died in Lewis Co., Mo.. He married Unknown-50259.

Unknown-50259 was born in KY. She died in Lewis Co., Mo.. She married William L. Gibbs-44473.

They had the following children:

  M i John L. Gibbs-97074 was born in 1825/1826. He died in Jan 1887.

Cyrus Stebbins Sleght-101721 [Parents] was born on 26 Jul 1829. He died on 31 Jan 1875. He married Charity Gertude Van Riper-101735.

Charity Gertude Van Riper-101735 was born on 30 Jun 1837. She died on 19 Jan 1932. She married Cyrus Stebbins Sleght-101721.

They had the following children:

  M i Henty V. R. Sleight-101736 was born on 23 Oct 1864 in Romulus,Sen,n y. He died on 13 Apr 1886.
  M ii Arthur Sleight-101737 was born in 1867.
  M iii Victor Sleight-101738 was born in 1866. He died in 1930.
  M iv Mortimer E. Sleight-101739 was born on 23 May 1863.

Guglielmo VII Marchese Of Montferrat-75360 [Parents] was born about 1236 in Of, , Monferrato, Italy. He died on 6 Feb 1292 in In Prison, , Alexandria, Egypt. He married Isabel De Clare-71647 in Jun 1257 in Lyons, France.

Other marriages:
Castile And Léon, Beatriz Princess Of

Isabel De Clare-71647 [Parents] was born in May 1240 in Of, Tonbridge, Kent, England. She died in 1271. She married Guglielmo VII Marchese Of Montferrat-75360 in Jun 1257 in Lyons, France.

Otto Duke Of Saxony [Count In South-12217 [Parents] was born about 851 in Of, , , Saxony. He died on 30 Nov 912 in Saxony, Germany. He married Hadwige (Edith,Hedwige) Bavaria Princess-91191.

Other marriages:
Saxony, Hathui Duchess Of
Holy Roman Empir, Hedwige, Empress of
Bavaria, Hadwige (Edith,Hedwige) Princess

Hadwige (Edith,Hedwige) Bavaria Princess-91191 [Parents].Hadwige married Otto Duke Of Saxony [Count In South-12217.

They had the following children:

  M i Liudolf Saxony-89777 died in 912.
  F ii Uda (Oda) Saxony-79155 was born about 877. She died about 952.
  M iii Heinrich I "The Germans [Duke Of Saxony]-13180 was born in 876. He died on 2 Jul 936.

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