Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Richard III de Rodez-81731 [Parents].Richard married Miss. Miss. Adelaide-81732.

Miss. Miss. Adelaide-81732.Miss. married Richard III de Rodez-81731.

Raimon II Moncada-81769 [Parents] was born in 1220. He married Ramona-81735.

Ramona-81735.Ramona married Raimon II Moncada-81769.

Helie IV de Perigord-81737 [Parents] died in 1144. He married Brunichilde de Foix-81738.

Brunichilde de Foix-81738 [Parents].Brunichilde married Helie IV de Perigord-81737.

Adelbert II Cadoirac de Perigord-81778 [Parents] was born in 1032. He died in 1104. He married Asceline de Grignolss-81779.

Other marriages:
de Grignolss, Asceline

Asceline de Grignolss-81779.Asceline married Adelbert II Cadoirac de Perigord-81778.

They had the following children:

  M i Helie IV de Perigord-81737 died in 1144.

Raymond III de Turenne-81739 [Parents] was born in 1165. He died in 1212. He married Eliise de Severac-81740.

Other marriages:
de Severac, Eliise

Eliise de Severac-81740 [Parents].Eliise married Raymond III de Turenne-81739.

Giovanni Laurino Count-81744 [Parents] was born in 917. He married Gaitelgrima Lombards-81745.

Other marriages:
Lombards, Gaitelgrima

Gaitelgrima Lombards-81745.Gaitelgrima married Giovanni Laurino Count-81744.

They had the following children:

  M i Giovanni II Salerno Prince-81746 was born in 938. He died in 999.

Guillaume VI d'Auvergne-81748 [Parents] was born in 1069. He died in 1136. He married Emma de Hauteville-81749.

Other marriages:
de Hauteville, Emma

Emma de Hauteville-81749.Emma married Guillaume VI d'Auvergne-81748.

Robert III d'Auvergne-81750 [Parents] died in 1096. He married Judith de Melgueil-81751.

Judith de Melgueil-81751 [Parents].Judith married Robert III d'Auvergne-81750.

They had the following children:

  M i Guillaume VI d'Auvergne-81748 was born in 1069. He died in 1136.

Bernard III d'Anduze-81752.Bernard married Sibylle de Montpellier-81753.

Sibylle de Montpellier-81753 [Parents].Sibylle married Bernard III d'Anduze-81752.

Garcie-Arnaud d'Aure-81755.Garcie-Arnaud married Tachiline de Asturias-81754.

Tachiline de Asturias-81754 [Parents].Tachiline married Garcie-Arnaud d'Aure-81755.

They had the following children:

  M i Arnaud II d'Aure-81756.

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